Plaza de Joaquim Mir Renovation, Barcelona by Carlos Rovira

Traditional roof transitioning into modern age

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照片来自摄影师 Simón García · arqfoto

该建筑位于巴塞罗那 Montornés del Vallés 市区的Joaquim Mir 2号广场 。最初由建筑师 Magí Rius 在1884年设计,用作校舍。由于当时施工阶段的延期,直至1930年才竣工完成。

The building is located at  Plaza de Joaquim Mir, No. 2, belonging to Montornés del Vallés city, in Barcelona. It was originally designed by the architect Magí Rius in 1884, for school use. The construction phase was delayed, so it was not inaugurated until 1930.

▼建筑正立面,building front facade ©Simón García – arqfoto

建筑有着一个四方的平面基底,主体通过屋顶的形式可以划分为两类,四面坡屋顶被设置在建筑的首层及二层,也是建筑的主要入口和到达竖向交通核通道的空间。斜坡屋顶的部分立面为山墙,在整体建筑中仅设置于首层区域。 另一个同样为斜坡屋顶的结构,与主体建筑的背立面相连,作为设施及服务的用房位于建筑后方。

The building has a square floor. Two parts are identified. The first one, with a hipped roof, is developed on ground floor and first floor, in which the access and the nucleus of vertical communications are located. The second one, with a gable roof, corresponds to the rest of the building, and is developed only on the ground floor. A construction is attached to the rear façade, also covered with a gabled roof, which houses facilities and services rooms.

▼带有斜坡屋顶的房间,the space with a gable roof ©Simón García – arqfoto

▼四面坡屋顶的房间,interior view of hipped roof ©Simón García – arqfoto

▼四面坡屋顶细部,hipped roof details ©Simón García – arqfoto

▼从下方仰视四面坡屋顶,looking up to the hipped roof ©Simón García – arqfoto

建筑外立面为新古典主义风格,开窗以中心对称的方式沿建筑立面中心轴对称分布,与窗间墙在间距设置上形成鲜明的体积对比。 主入口有着独立于建筑屋顶的三角形山墙立面,以一种突出的方式位于主体中央,伴有两侧相邻壁柱装饰。柱基和上檐绕建筑的外围一圈装饰立面主体。

The building’s façades are neoclassical style. The openings are generally distributed symmetrically with respect to the central axis of ecach of the façades, with a certain predominance of the mass with respect to the gap. The main access, framed by two attached pilasters, is in the central body crowned with a triangular pediment independent of the roof. A plinth and an upper cornice go around the perimeter of the rest of the building.

▼开窗沿建筑中心线对称,openings distributed symmetrically with respect to the central axis ©Simón García – arqfoto

▼木制桁架和砖墙形成呼应,wooden trusses corresponding with preserved brick walls ©Simón García – arqfoto

改造项目提出了对建筑内部空间的重新利用和划分,以适合如今不再用具备教学功能而被重新定义为“青年中心”的场地。在建筑面向 Pintor Mir 街道的一侧植入了一个新的坡道,方便行人到达。位于建筑背立面的楼梯也在保留原有组合形态的基础上,被适当地改造利用。建筑侧边的坡道和户外花园被完全保留,没有做出任何改动。

The project proposes the internal redistribution of the building, to adapt it to its current use “Non-regulated teaching” and punctually as “Youth center”. A new ramp is planned at Pintor Mir Street access in order to make it accessible. The staircase at the rear façade is also modified, maintaining the original composition style. The lateral ramp and the exterior garden areas attached to the building remain unchanged.

▼室内细部,interior detail ©Simón García – arqfoto

▼基地位置 ,site location





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