Playground as an Office by SERRANO + BAQUERO

Multi-purpose sports space for athletes with disabilities.

Project Specs


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Handisports is a company that manages and provides sports services to handicapped people, whether intellectual, physical or sensory impairment, and at risk of social exclusion. In late 2014 the company commissions us to build its new headquarters to host their offices and classrooms at a location of 80 sqm.

▼ 室内一览,长方形多功能运动空间,overall view of the rectangular multifunctional sports space

3-overall_playground as an office_SERRANO + BAQUERO


The project responds to the client demand by offering a playing field where they can not only make the work of management and training but also where they can host sports activities, normally performed in other rented places. In this way, the office work becomes another game in a space designed to be transformed depending on requirements, days and times.

▼ 建筑入口空间,内部的活动一直在变化,entrance, activities keep changing

2-entrance1_playground as an office_SERRANO + BAQUERO

2-entrance2_playground as an office_SERRANO + BAQUERO

2-entrance3_playground as an office_SERRANO + BAQUERO


Our proposal consists in the development of some game instructions for the using of the designed space, establishing a set of tactics or rules for the management of the playing field depending on the different activities.

▼ 不同的空间使用方式图解,diagram of different space tacticas

6-diagram1_playground as an office_SERRANO + BAQUERO

6-diagram2_playground as an office_SERRANO + BAQUERO

▼ 一种分区下可以进行的活动图解,diagram of activities under one tactica

6-activities_playground as an office_SERRANO + BAQUERO


The construction was simple and consisted in removing all the existing coatings, revealing the original building elements. To create the new playground we arranged a black vinyl sport ground, where we drew overlapping white lines for the various activities. Mobile translucent curtains suspended from the ceiling help to define these activities as needed but do not prevent the light to pass through producing a shadow game that helps to perceive the space as dynamic and active.

▼ 运动场地面为黑色,建筑结构裸露,由半透明帘划分空间,可进行不同活动,the surface of the playground is black and the architectural elements are exposed, space is divided by translucent curtains for different activities

4-playground_playground as an office_SERRANO + BAQUERO

4-office_playground as an office_SERRANO + BAQUERO

▼ 半透明滑帘形成丰富多变的光影效果, mobile translucent curtains providing dynamic light and shadow

5-curtain4_playground as an office_SERRANO + BAQUERO

▼ 入口外观,轻盈的半透明帘将室内外分隔开来,external view of the entrance, translucent curtains separate the interior and exterior in a sense of lightness

1-external_playground as an office_SERRANO + BAQUERO

▼ 空间中使用的材料分析,materials used in the project

6-diagram4_playground as an office_SERRANO + BAQUERO

▼ 总平面图,site plan

6-site plan_playground as an office_SERRANO + BAQUERO


▼ 平面图,plan

6-plan_playground as an office_SERRANO + BAQUERO

Authors: Paloma Baquero Masats Juan Antonio Serrano García
Collaborators: Maxime Rousseau Ziwei Li
Photography: Javier Callejas Sevilla

English text: SERRANO + BAQUERO
Chinese text: gooood


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