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设想一下,建筑表面那些呆板的砖,某些变成容器,长出绿色的植物来,那多有趣。Rael San Fratello Architects最近开发出这样的3D打印砖,能使用在建筑外表皮,还能为植物生长提供场所,让建筑更“绿”。这种砖可以定制为多个尺寸,使用于多种环境。



Designed by Rael San Fratello Architects

The Planter Bricks are custom designed concrete masonry units that can hold plants and vegetation. The planter bricks have the potential to counter the heat island effect in big cities through evapotranspiration and pollution conversion. The plants in the wall help mediate the temperature of the microclimate surrounding the building, buffer sound and help filter the air.

The planter bricks may be combined with traditional bricks in new masonry walls or to replace bricks in an existing wall. The Planter Bricks come in a variety of forms, some angular, some curvaceous and have various sized cavities. Choose from a selection of bricks to create a unique composition for your wall of plants.

material: concrete
brick dimensions: 8” W x 2 ¾” H x 4” D
overall dimensions: 8” Wide x up to 4” High x up to 8” Deep
process:  3D printing
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除了今天介绍的这款水泥3D打印砖之外,Rael San Fratello Architects事务所也致力于探索新的材料。当今,塑料,钢,陶瓷是构成我们环境的重要材料。Real San Fratello Architects发现用木浆和工业粘土盐为原材料也能打印出3D的木材制品,上述两种都是可再生和廉价的原材料。


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