Piyandeling by RAW Architecture

Integrating bamboo craftsmanship with modular rectangular space

Project Specs


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Piyandeling社区位于万隆Mekarwangi村庄的偏远地区,是基于Guha Bambu和Alfa Omega学校建筑形式建造的庇护性空间,它结合传统细木工和竹胶细木工,实现了传统且更加工业化的建造方式。该项目由三部分组成:第一部分是名为“Sumarah”的私人住宅;第二部分是为当地未来教育平台设计的开放空间,名为“Kujang”;第三部分是未来牙科诊所和设计工作室,名为“Saderhana”。

Piyandeling is located in a remote area of Mekarwangi Village, Bandung. This project is a sanctuary space that exercises the design based on the tectonic grammar that was elaborated from Guha Bambu and Alfa Omega School, it forms an adaptation of traditional and more industrial approaches mixing traditional joineries and glued joinery of bamboo. Piyandeling consists of 3 components, the first one is a private family building named “Sumarah”, the second is a hall that is an open space designed for a future educational platform for kids in Mekarwangi village named “Kujang”. The third is a future dentist space, a design studio named “Saderhana”.

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view © Eric Dinardi

▼近景鸟瞰,closer aerial view © Eric Dinardi

▼主立面,main facade © Eric Dinardi




Sumarah is a three-storey house for 1 family consists of 2 kid bedrooms, 1 master bedroom, and shared bathrooms. The building envelope is constructed with recycled 300 x 600 mm plastic panels to cover and protect the inner bamboo structure forming a service corridor with double cross air ventilation and double wall insulations to the core living space of the building. The envelopes are openable, supported by a bamboo structure that can be locked with a traditional lock made of bamboo. The core living space is the bedrooms in the rectangular grid of 3 m.

▼外观,external view of Sumarah © Eric Dinardi

▼室外露台,terrace © Eric Dinardi

▼外围护结构由300×600mm的再生塑料板构成, envelope is constructed with recycled 300 x 600 mm plastic panels © Eric Dinardi

▼围护结构可以开启, envelopes are openable © Eric Dinardi

▼底部竹结构,bamboo structure © Eric Dinardi


The architecture is designed as an exercise of the bricolage concept using 3 types of main material such as recycled plastic, a local type of sympodia bamboo, and stone for the foundation which supplied within a 5 km radius. The composition started as an exploration on how can bamboo craftsmanship integrated with modular rectangular space to create such integrated craft carving bamboo composition from the ceiling, floor, column, door handle, lock, and finishing details handcrafted in site creating art and craft composition in the whole integrated space.

▼入口,entrance © Eric Dinardi

▼双层通风与隔热的走廊 © Eric Dinardi
corridor with double cross air ventilation and double wall insulations

▼全竹空间,full bamboo space © Eric Dinardi

▼二层公共空间,common space on first floor © Eric Dinardi

▼二层卧室,bedrooms on first floor © Eric Dinardi

▼三层客厅,living room on second floor © Eric Dinardi

▼竹雕细部,details © Eric Dinardi




The second project, Kujang is a two-storey floating structure for an open-air hall for meetings and gatherings connecting with organic farms. It is constructed from the 4 – 5 m grids of bamboo structure and covered with Nipah leaf combined with a waterproofing membrane for the roof.

▼Kujang外观,external view of Kujang © Eric Dinardi

▼入口,entrance © Eric Dinardi

▼庭院,courtyard © Eric Dinardi

厅堂采用西爪哇省的Julang Ngapak乡土建筑形式,弯曲的竹栏杆呈现精细的双曲面形式,这种形式更加坚固和灵活,形似鸟类飞翔的轮廓或当地传统武器的运动轨迹。

Forming the Julang Ngapak as a traditional West Java vernacular building, the playful balustrade of bent bamboo is played as a more elaborated hyperboloid form, it is stronger, and more flexible and creates a silhouette of the natural movement of birds or movement of Kujang which is a traditional weapon in Sunda Tradition.

▼一层与有机农田相连,Kujang is connected to the organic farms on gound floor © Eric Dinardi

▼采用采用4-5m网格的竹结构,the 4 – 5 m grids of bamboo structure © Eric Dinardi

▼坡道,ramp © Eric Dinardi

▼开敞的厅堂,弯曲的竹栏杆呈现精细的双曲面形式,open-air hall,the playful balustrade of bent bamboo is played as a more elaborated hyperboloid form © Eric Dinardi

▼细部,details © Eric Dinardi




The third project, Saderhana is basically a simple 1 storey of two buildings on the perimeter as dentist space, and design studio, and the underground pray room. The 1 storey building constructed with stone as a platform and bamboo as a roof providing a “Talahap” traditional bamboo construction covered with layers of waterproofing membrane and Nipah. The praying room is constructed with bamboo skeletal and concrete which forms a retention wall and carved bamboo shape formworks. The idea is creating finishes that are raw, basic, humble, and honest in the expression and forming such economic sensitivity.

▼祷告室入口,entrance of pray room © Eric Dinardi

▼地下祷告室,竹骨架与混凝土墙,underground pray room,bamboo skeletal and concrete walls © Eric Dinardi


The three projects forms a bricolage architecture that is exercised in Piyandeling. It is an understanding that to design and build something out of the land, the project needs to find the roots of Local Genius.

▼一层平面,ground floor plan © RAW Architecture

▼二层平面,first floor plan © RAW Architecture

▼三层平面,second floor plan © RAW Architecture

▼屋顶平面,roof plan © RAW Architecture

▼立面,elevations © RAW Architecture

▼剖面,sections © RAW Architecture

General Information
Project Name: Piyandeling
Architecture Firm: RAW Architecture
Website: www.raw.co.id
Contact e-mail: contact@raw.co.id
Firm Location: Aries Utama H 4 A – Indonesia
Completion Year: 2021
Gross Built Area: 400 sqm
Project location: Mekarwangi Village, West Java – Bandung, Indonesia
Lead Architects: Realrich Sjarief
Lead Architects e-mail: Realrich@raw.co.id
Photo credits: Eric Dinardi
Photographer’s website: https://www.bacteriaphotography.com/
Photographer’s e-mail: contact@bacteriaphotography.com
Design Team: Amud, Alifian Kharisma, Vivi Yani Santosa, Regi Kusnadi, Miftahuddin Nurdayat, Jovita Lisyani (if it’s has not been mentioned).
Clients: Realrich Sjarief + Laurensia Yudith
Engineering: Sudjatmiko, Eddy Bahtiar
Landscape: RAW Architecture

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