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墨尔本的摄影艺术家Lilli Waters给gooood分享了她的最新作品“雌蕊〜花之诱惑” ​’Pistil ~ Floral Seduction’,这系列作品专注于植物的细节,展示其活力,神秘,娇弱的一面,并和女性特有的妩媚联系在一起,彰显女性魅力。这系列作品目前作为群体展览 幻影天堂-热带深渊 ‘Phantom Paradise ~ A Tropical Abyss’ 的一部分,在悉尼展出到2016年6月12日。

Undesirable Decay Pistil by Lilli Waters

‘Pistil’ reunites female figures with inflorescent arrangements using a layered aesthetic.

Finding inspiration through nature, there is a focus on the finer details of the plants, revealing the vitality, strangeness and fragility; the sensuality and feminine allure inherent in the flora.

This series exposes a woman’s deeply rooted connection to nature and fertility and the ways in which she relates directly and symbolically to the plant world.’

Alpinia Zerumbet Pistil by Lilli Waters

Blood Spear Pistil by Lilli Waters     Moth Hands Pistil by Lilli Waters

Clivia Inflorescence Pistil by Lilli Waters

Porcelain Lily Pistil by Lilli Waters

Pink Porcelain Lady Pistil by Lilli Waters

Suffering Lotus Pistil by Lilli Waters     Water Vessel Pistil by Lilli Waters

Spear Lily Pistil by Lilli Waters     Silk Floss Summer Pistil by Lilli Waters

Venus Descending Pistil by Lilli Waters

Peering through the rainforest canopy, foreign noises, sights and smells overwhelm the senses. Enter a lush, seductive place teeming with life, colour and vibrancy. Welcome to Paradise.

Paradise is the culmination of the search for a place or condition of happiness and contentment. Phantom Paradise – A Tropical Abyss charts the quest for the ideal through the metaphor of the rainforest, while exploring myth, illusion and the ephemeral nature of our being.

The allure of a Phantom Paradise is the way it exists as a space entirely constructed from an individual’s projected desires and ideals. As we navigate this realm, we are tantalised by the prospect of what lies in its darkly sensual depths. The Tropical Abyss is an unchartered zone offering an endless scope of possibilities. Amidst this Amazonian utopia we seek to pursue fleeting notions and illusions of beauty in our search deep into our unconscious, dreamlike state.

Flashes of movement, shifting light and changing colours embody the richness of the real and imagined environment. The mesmerising ecology of the rainforest has inspired the work of artists who employ a palette drawn from the forest floor, fauna and flora. Tonal greens and tropical brights evoke the moist and heated environment filled with tropical flowers and strange creatures of paradise. Organic ceramic forms evoke seed-bearing plants and knotted vines, and lavish brush strokes and evocative photography capture the fecundity of the forest floor and the fragility of existence.
This journey into a Phantom Paradise can be traced through the flight of a rainforest butterfly. Through it’s metamorphic phases, the Blue Morpho butterfly embodies transformation and transience. Its fleeting beauty lies in its vibrant colour, which is the result of iridescence, a scientific phenomenon whereby certain surfaces appear to change colour with shifting view points. A magical moment of illusion, witnessed in paradise.

‘When I go into the glass houses and I see strange plants of exotic lands, it seems to me that I enter into a dream ’- Henri Rousseau, 1844- 1910

Phantom Paradise – A Tropical Abyss 2nd June – 12th June 2016
A Group Show – Curated by Kitty Wong
Lilli Waters – Photography
Aedan Harris – Ceramics
Amy Wright – Painting
Pascale Boulle – Painting

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