PISCINE DES MURS À PÊCHES by Collective Parenthèse

A summer cloud and a forest of poles



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项目位于巴黎郊区Montreuil,Murs à pêches公共游泳池的前院,为了给炎炎夏日在户外等待的游客们带来更加舒适的体验,业主委托Collective Parenthèse事务所对前院进行了设计,最终项目以一个能够服务五年的临时木结构形式呈现在大众眼前,以景观装置的形式巧妙地满足了游客们的需求。

The development of the swimming pool forecourt of the Montreuil fishing walls is essential for the comfort of users in the face of long waiting times and the hot summer temperatures. The Collective Parenthèse offers an ephemeral installation lasting 5 years that meets the needs of visitors.

▼装置整体鸟瞰,aerial view of the project ©Collective Parenthèse


Like a summer cloud, this suspended wooden structure brings refreshment by shading and misting the queue area. A forest of poles makes it possible to take up the efforts on the ground and to orient the users.

▼架空的木制结构装置概览,suspended wooden structure ©Collective Parenthèse

▼遮阳棚与雾气蒙蒙的排队区为游客们带来了清凉,the structure brings refreshment by shading and misting the queue area ©Collective Parenthèse

秉承着生态设计与再利用的逻辑,Collective Parenthèse事务所回收利用了2019鲁昂舰队快闪公园中的木结构。这些精致优雅的木柱由道格拉斯木制成,这是一种兼顾了结构和美学品质的优良树脂木材。四根道格拉斯木条拼合在一起组成一根木柱,中间由金属构件固定。

In a logic of eco-design and reuse, the Collective Parenthèse used the structures of the Armada of Rouen in 2019. These refined and elegant wooden posts are made up of 4 cleats of Douglas, a resinous wood that combines excellent structural and aesthetic quality; assembled by a set of metal plates.

▼整齐排列的木柱宛如一片树林,The orderly columns looked like a forest ©Collective Parenthèse

▼装置具有向导与排队分区的功能,The device has the function of orientation and queuing partition ©Collective Parenthèse

▼装置上设有预防中暑与中暑处理的警示牌,The device is equipped with information boards on heat stroke prevention and treatment ©Collective Parenthèse


The masts are distinguished by their compactness, solidity, versatility, aesthetics and ease of assembly. With a height varying from 5 to 6 meters, the stability was calculated by the TESS engineering workshop which developed the structural construction systems, provided the justification calculations and produced the graphic parts of the assemblies for the event of the Armada. The engineers have adapted this calculation note to the forecourt of the Montreuil swimming pool.

▼雾气中的装置,Device in the steam fog ©Collective Parenthèse

▼结构细部,details of the structure ©Collective Parenthèse

▼装置在地面上产生丰富的光影效果,The installation creates rich light and shadow effects on the ground ©Collective Parenthèse

▼轴测图,axonometric drawing ©Collective Parenthèse

▼结构分析图,construction detail ©Collective Parenthèse

▼平面图,plan ©Collective Parenthèse

▼立面图,elevation ©Collective Parenthèse

Décembre 2020
de 50 000€
pour Est Ensemble
à Montreuil

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