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Masterskaya Be事务所设计的PIK展亭是一个专为夏季公共活动设立的临时设施。2019年冬季,Masterskaya Be赢得了房地产公司展亭的非公开竞赛,随即从三个方面拟定了该夏季展亭的设计理念:展亭需承办体育及教育类活动;避免内部活动不受外界干扰且有吸引力的围合式外观;可以改变空间氛围以营造不同内部场景的幕帘。

▼展亭远观,view of the pavilion from distance ©Leonid Sorokin

PIK Pavilion by Masterskaya Be is a temporary summer pavilion for public activities. In the winter of 2019 Masterskaya Be won a closed competition for the design of the pavilion for the real estate company. The concept of the summer pavilion develops in three aspects: the pavilion function – sports and educational events, the envelope – protects the main function from external influences and attracts visitors from outside, the curtain – allows to transform the space and create different scenarios inside the pavilion.

▼展亭设计的三个概念,功能,围合性及场景性,three concept of the design, function, shell and scenario © Masterskaya Be

展亭面积150平方米,高4.5米,立面壮观而富有动感,仿佛能随着微风舞动。展亭的设计以建筑设计规范为基准,内部整体涂由PIK Group企业的代表色橙色橡胶涂层,以展现企业特征。展亭设计为可重定位的结构,可以轻松快速的安装,拆卸并在新地点重置。

The pavilion has an area of 150 sq. m. and a height of 4.5 m. It has a spectacular kinetic facade, which sets in motion even from a light gust of wind. The architecture of the pavilion is based on the design code and company’s identics, the entire interior is covered with orange rubber coating – the corporate color of PIK Group.It was designed as a relocatable construction, which can be easily and quickly mounted and demounted and smoothly fit in at the new location.

 ▼展亭由动感的外立面及橙色的内饰组成, pavilion consists of kinetic facade and orange interior © Leonid Sorokin

▼立面上的PIK集团标志,logo of the PIK Group on facade  © Leonid Sorokin

▼立面细节,可随微风变动,detail of the facade, in motion  from a light gust of wind © Leonid Sorokin


▼窗帘的移动形成不同空间效果,movement of curtains creates different space© Masterskaya Be

The facade is raised from the ground and forms two entrances to the pavilion on longer sides. A large double-sided curtain moves along the perimeter of the facade, allowing to create a cinema inside the pavilion in the daylight hours and protecting visitors from rain during sports activities.

▼外立面被抬高,内置双层窗帘,facade is raised, with double curtains along the perimeter © Leonid Sorokin



▼室内活动轴测图,activity axonometric drawing © Masterskaya Be

Especially for the summer pavilion a special lifestyle program of events has been developed, revealing the components of quality living environment and its impact on the city residents.Program includes film screenings, master classes and lectures. With minimal transformation and thanks to the storage of some equipment inside the tribune, the venue adapts to any of these activities.

▼展亭内部空间可调整,以适应不同活动,interior space of the pavilion can be adjusted to suit different activities © Leonid Sorokin


Structural design. The pavilion is a prefabricated structure. The roof structure is supported by 6 bearing columns. Facade panels are mounted on the bearing structure. The floor base is mounted on screw supports for further adjustment to the site relief. The tent roof consists of 6 funnels connected to the drainage system inside the supporting columns for collecting and draining rainfall under the pavilion base.

▼结构轴测图,construction axonometric drawing © Masterskaya Be

▼平面及立面,plan and elevation © Masterskaya Be

▼结构平面及剖面,detail plan and section © Masterskaya Be

Project Name: PIK Pavilion
Architecture Firm:Masterskaya Be
Website: www.masterskaya.be
Architecture Firm Instagram: @masterskaya.be
Firm Location:Moscow / Russia
Completion Year:2019
Gross Built Area:150 sq.m
Project location: Moscow, Park Muzeon
Photo credits: Leonid Sorokin
Creative director: Alexey Larionov
Video link:https://youtu.be/V5g8-QqZwMw

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