“Picture” Serie – Side Table by TELLS STUDIO

Tell’s Studio makes use of “moving” and “sight changing” as the design concept in product design.

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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Appreciation towards TELLS STUDIO for providing the following description:


There is a Chinese saying that “one step, one scene”. We try to make use of “moving” and “sight changing” as the design concept in product design. The rectangle contour is the frame finder and the turning wheels is our step. The place that products of “picture” series stays is the “scene”. You can choose any area as you like to complete the scenery at home.


彩色 Young

7 -color side table

9 -color side table

0 -color side table

4 -color side table     3 -color side table

10 -color side table     11 -color side table


Under the concept of “picture” series, the significant feature of side table is the performance of different materials. According to qualities of different materials, we modify the details of products to bring completely different feelings with a unified form.


大理石 Elegant

0 副本 -marble side table

5-1 -marble side table

6 -marble side table     6-2 -marble side table

3 -marble side table

4 -marble side table


实木 China

7 -wood side table

8 -wood side table 5 -wood side table

15-1 -wood side table


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