PICNCITOPIA for Festival Asalto by ENORME Studio

An utopia of picnic tables

Project Specs

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▼“野餐桌”外观,exterior view

The Picnic table has been forgotten in contemporary public space. Too strong to be ranked as one of design hits of urban furniture but so functional that nobody is reluctant to use it, either from its primary function as a table or through hundreds of different configurations, from ping pong table to makeshift stage. From ENORME we think it’s time to pay tribute to that reviled picnic table. Stacking nine basic picnic tables, we build an amplified urban furniture, a small gazebo and stands, a child’s maze or just a place to hold four picnics in a simultaneous way. A Monument to theses afternoons of glory picnic tables have given us… An utopia of picnic tables… PICNICTOPIA!!!

▼野餐桌堆叠在一起,成为一座凉亭般的存在, by stacking nine basic picnic tables, the studio builded an amplified urban furniture, which acts like a small gazebo and stands

基于以上的想法,在萨拉戈萨举办的Asalto国际城市艺术节期间,工作室用17张野餐桌在IES María Moliner学院的庭院里搭建了一座“半金字塔”,学院的学生和教授以及当地的设计师和建筑师都参与到项目当中。在搭建完成的前一天,设计师还为这座“金字塔”添上了一幅别致的彩绘,使它看上去犹如一颗降落在校园公共空间的超新星。

For that reason we built half a pyramid with 17 picnic tables stacked in the IES María Moliner of Zaragoza, as part of the Festival Asalto. For a week and helped by students and professors of the Institute and designers and architects from the city, we have built a piece of furniture to amplify the urban experience of the Institute’s courtyard. The last day we painted it with a powerful graphic that reinforces the idea of ​​a supernova that had just landed in the public space of the school…

▼一座互动性极强的“半金字塔”,half a pyramid with strong interactivity

▼细部,detailed view

▼别致的形式和彩绘让野餐桌成为庭院中最受欢迎的存在,the unique form and powerful graphic bring the picnic tables into the most popular presence in the courtyard






▼彩绘图案,graphic design

Project: Picnictopia Festival Asalto 2018
Location: IES María Moliner, Zaragoza, España.
Developer: Festival Asalto http://www.festivalasalto.com/
Workshop leaders: ENORME Studio / www.enormestudio.es
Collaborators ENORME: Elpida Giannakou / Antoine Bourhis / Mathilde Jacquot / Lorenzo Gili / Xiyuan Zhang
Students and teachers from IES María Moliner + designers from Zaragoza
Video: ENORME Studio
Photos: ENORME Studio

More: ENORME Studio。更多关于他们:ENORME Studio on gooood

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