Phú Yên House by Story Architecture

Return to the countryside with children

Project Specs


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项目坐落于越南富安省,业主出生于富安乡下,长大后在大城市学习、工作、生活,每年暑假、越南传统新年假期,甚至隔离期间,他们都会回到这里。疫情的爆发,让业主与家人有更多的时间待在乡下,富安住宅(Phú Yên House)也由此诞生。

The Landlord was born in the countryside of Phu Yen, grew up to study, work and live in the big city, and return to the countryside every summer vacation, traditional Vietnamese New Year holiday, or as a quarantine period. because of the Covid-19 epidemic. Phu Yen House was born to serve this.

▼住宅入口立面远景,viewing the entrance facade of the house from distance © Minq Bui

▼侧立面远景,viewing the side facade from distance © Minq Bui


In the summer holidays, instead of sending their children to life skills training schools, the homeowner returns to the countryside to build a house for their children to play and experience with children in the countryside.

▼由道路看建筑,viewing the project from the road © Minq Bui

▼业主与孩子们围坐在住宅前,The owners and children sit in a circle in front of the house © Minq Bui

▼优美的自然风光与恬静的田园生活,Beautiful natural scenery and idyllic life © Minq Bui


The space of the bedroom and living room, kitchen and dining room are separated, and linked together by courtyard and green spaces, it helps to make the spaces of the rooms in the house airy and accessible. With the best nature, the yard and green spaces also become a fun area for children and their friends bè.

▼入口庭院,entrance yard © Minq Bui

▼庭院南侧为公共生活区,北侧为私密休息区,The south side of the yard is the public living area, and the north side is the private rest area © Minq Bui

▼庭院上方的玻璃顶棚在墙壁上投下光影,A glass ceiling above the yard casts light and shadow on the walls © Minq Bui

▼客厅南侧为泳池,the pool on the south side of the living room © Minq Bui

The interior sections are connected by courtyards and green spaces © Minq Bui

▼过渡空间与拱门,Transition space and arch © Minq Bui


▼分析图,diagram © Story Architecture

The living room and kitchen space are rotated and the slanted fences create interesting and vivid views when we move inside the house.In order to free up the view when living inside the room, we designed many large windows, but the construction investment cost of the owner is small, and the construction technique of large-format glass doors in the locality is limited. Therefore, for large doorways, we do not install glass doors, but build an extra layer of high fence surrounding it to ensure safety and privacy. The fence is slanted to not limit the view and create second angle is more interesting.

▼公共生活区概览,overall of the living space © Minq Bui

▼厨房与餐厅,kitchen and dining area © Minq Bui

▼客厅,living room © Minq Bui

▼由客厅看庭院以及卧室区域入口空间,viewing the yard and the entrance of bedrooms from the living space © Minq Bui


The work was built by groups of local workers. Using available materials, such as brick, stone, cement, Pillow, iron…

▼卧室,bedroom © Minq Bui

▼卧室露台,terrace of the bedroom © Minq Bui

▼浴室,bathroom © Minq Bui

▼夜间远景,night view at distance © Minq Bui

▼夜间近景,night view © Minq Bui

▼平面图,plan © Story Architecture

▼屋顶平面图,roof plan © Story Architecture

▼立面图,elevation © Story Architecture

▼屋顶构成分析图,diagram of the roof © Story Architecture

Project name: Phú Yên House
Architect’s Firm: Story Architecture
Contact e-mail:
Project location: Phú Yên, Viet Nam
Completion Year: 2021
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 420 m2
Lead Architects: Nguyễn Kava
Other participants : Huỳnh cẩm Tú, Vũ Thu Trang, Trịnh Quang Huy, Trần Nguyễn Thúy Trinh
Photo credits: Minq Bui
Photographer’s website:

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