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Stefano Pasqualetti is an Italian architect and photographer living in New York.

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Stefano Pasqualetti是一位现居纽约的意大利建筑师和摄影师,曾在大卫·奇普菲尔德米兰工作室工作,现在在彼得·马里诺纽约工作室就职。其摄影作品被美国和欧洲私人收藏家收藏,且多次出现在国际刊物上。Stefano Pasqualetti 关注建筑与城市之间的关系,材料与光的羁绊,以及日常建筑在不同季节的画像。他用自己的视角抓拍出一幅幅充满时间感的建筑图景。目前正在纽约举行自己的个展。

这次给大家介绍他两个系列作品,分别是EMOTIONS FROM PISA比萨情绪和A BRAND NEW YORK纽约印记。

在比萨情绪中,Stefano Pasqualetti向我们揭示了欧洲小城比萨不为人们广知的一面,时间流转,建筑因此不同,却一如既往的安宁。

在纽约印记中,Stefano Pasqualetti没有去捕捉迷乱的夜纽约,他依然静静的寻找独特的时刻,感觉,还有细节。每一场景都从具有瞬间感和情节感,貌似一切不确定,下一秒就转瞬即逝,无论是光,还是天气。躁动着的大纽约,在他的捕捉下,具有了相当厚度的寂静感。


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“Emotions from Pisa is more than a collection of fine photographs: it is an exploration of the dialogue between place and photographer. The “emotions” of the shots are recognized, captured and made available to us. Pasqualetti preserves moments which we often miss and teaches us to read and feel the messages sent out by places and buildings. He shows us the Pisa that we know and above all a Pisa that we never noticed.

This collection of photographs does not only record the face of the city, here shown in ways which truly surprise and move. His photos also demonstrate how architecture, through its forms and its surfaces, can evoke emotions that are constantly changing, as sun and seasons take their daily and yearly paths.”

prof. Howard Burns
Professor of History of Architecture at Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa – from “Emotions from Pisa” book preface

▼curls battistero may 10th 650 pm 意大利最大洗礼堂curls battistero的5月10号下午6点50分


▼ A Rare Season, Pisa Camposanto December 17th, 18th and September 4th 比萨坎波桑托的季节变迁,11月17日,11月18日,9月4日


▼ lungarno galilei february 9th 740 am  伽利略 伦卡诺 2月9日 上午7点40


▼lungarno gambacorti september 4th 430 pm  甘巴科尔蒂伦卡诺9月4日下午4点30


▼lungarno mediceo december 27th 430 pm , lungarno酒店 12月27日下午4点30


▼ piazza dei cavalieri may 10th 230 pm 骑士广场5月10日下午2点30


▼piazza del duomo june 2nd 830 am 大教堂广场6月2日上午8点30


▼ pisa’s hills, piazza del duomo june 24th 525 am 比萨山丘,大教堂广场 6月24日上午5点25


▼up side down, lungarno mediceo february 3rd 200 pm 颠倒 lungarno酒店2月3日下午2点





This collection of pictures is a New York photo story.

The artificial lights and people are essentially scarce, as it is more about a city that is heard, tasted and lived.

These are sketchy blurs of moments, details and sensations that usually do not catch the eye of so many that are pulled away by the frantic and violent jolt of the city that never sleeps.

These are images that were captured to give a new life to the streets and avenues. It is indeed enough a moment of concentration or meditation for a better understanding of silence, rather than chaos.

These are photographs made out of instances of waiting. Waiting for a season and lightness; waiting for the arrival of somebody that will then leave; waiting for rain or…unexpected snow.

Stefano Pasqualetti

▼broadway at soho 500 pm 百老汇SOHO下午5点


▼central park 1130 am 中央公园上午11点半


▼seasons, guggenheim 630pm 430pm 600pm 400pm  季节,古根海姆,下午6点半,下午4点半,下午6点,下午4点


▼empire, empire state building 300pm 600pm 900am 9pm 帝国,帝国大厦 下午3点,下午6点,上午9点,下午9点


▼guggenheim 1230pm 胡根海姆 中午12点半


▼(left 左) guggenheim 1230 pm 胡根海姆 中午12点半 (right 右) morgan library 1000 am 摩根图书馆上午10点


▼NYTimes Building 200 am 纽约时报大厦凌晨2点


▼park avenue 1230 pm 公园大道中午12点半



Stefano Pasqualetti BIO

Stefano Pasqualetti is an Italian Architect and Photographer, based in New York City. After graduating at Ferrara’s University (Italy) in 2009 with the highest marks, whit honor, he worked for David Chipperfield in Milan office, and in 2011 joined the Peter Marino Architect, in New York. In 2013 he was the photographer for Renzo Piano’s exhibition “Fragments” at Gagosian Gallery in New York.

Stefano Pasqualetti’s solo photo exhibitions were at New York University, at Poltrona Frau Showroom Soho, New York and Pisa, Italy.

His works belong to private collections both in America and Europe, and his photos are published on international magazines including Casa Vogue, Domus and ArchDaily.

His long-term projects are focused on the relationship between architecture and city, materials and lightness. This research creates different photographic strolls where images are portraits of buildings in their daily life and portraits of cities in their yearly paths.


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