Photography: Urban Scenery With 35mm Lens by Xiao Shihao

City memory

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非常感谢 肖世豪(Instagram:xiao_shihao)予 gooood 分享以下内容。
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35mm lens does not have the exaggerated perspective angle of wide-angle lens, forming a super strong visual impact. And it doesn’t have the air compression of a 50mm lens. On the contrary, the 35mm lens is a fairly flat perspective between these two perspectives, which is closer to the scene seen by human eyes. It gives a sense of being in the moment. Therefore, in my opinion, taking pictures with a 35mm camera is the best way to turn what you usually see into a still image.

In the last two years from 2018 to 2019, I used the ordinary perspective view to shoot the pedestrians in the city spaces. The photos record the state of people in different scale space, their relationship with the surrounding environment, and how the environment in turn affects people’s emotions. There are also some “still things”in the street. They may be a street lamp, a graffiti, a broken iron door. These extremely ordinary images, which I call “urban landscape”, are the micro expressions and symbols of the city, as well as the external embodiment of the complexity and diversity of the city. All of these images make up a city landscape, which gives us an angle to observe the environment we live from the side.


City Streets

▼日本,京都,Japan, Kyoto ©肖世豪

▼成都,高新区,Chengdu, High Tech Zone ©肖世豪

▼成都,春熙,Chengdu, Chunxi ©肖世豪

▼成都,成华,Chengdu, Chenghua ©肖世豪

▼成都,东郊记忆,Eastern Suburb Memory ©肖世豪

▼湖南,常德,Hunan, Changde ©肖世豪

▼北京,海淀,Beijing, Haidian ©肖世豪

▼北京,798 艺术区,Beijing, 798 Art District ©肖世豪

▼北京,南锣古巷,Beijing, Nanluo ©肖世豪


City Plaza

▼北京,南锣古巷,Beijing, Nanluo ©肖世豪

▼北京,王府井天主教堂,Beijing, Wangfujing Catholic Church ©肖世豪

▼北京,王府井,Beijing, Wangfujing ©肖世豪

▼北京,798 艺术区,Beijing, 798 Art District ©肖世豪

▼成都,高新,Chengdu, High tech zone ©肖世豪


City Park

▼北京,海淀,Beijing, Haidian ©肖世豪

▼北京,地坛公园,Beijing, Ditan Park ©肖世豪

▼北京,奥林匹克森林公园,Beijing, Olympic Forest Park ©肖世豪

▼成都,锦城湖公园,Chengdu, Jincheng Lake Park ©肖世豪

▼成都,音乐公园,Chengdu, Music Park ©肖世豪

▼日本,奈良公园,Japan, Nara Park ©肖世豪

▼日本,大阪,Japan, Osaka Universal Studio ©肖世豪


City Waterfront

▼北京,科技园,Beijing, Tech Zone ©肖世豪

▼北京,后海,Beijing, Houhai

▼四川,内江 Sichuan Neijiang ©肖世豪

▼西昌,邛海,Xichang, Qiongghai ©肖世豪

▼日本,京都,Japan, Kyoto ©肖世豪

▼秦皇岛,阿那亚,Qinghuang Island, Aranya


City Building

▼重庆,来福士,Chongqing, Raffles ©肖世豪

▼北京,蛇形画廊,Beijing, Serpentine Gallery ©肖世豪

▼成都,国际金融中心,Chengdu, International Financial Center ©肖世豪

▼北京,三里屯,Beijing, Sanlitun ©肖世豪

▼北京,嘉德艺术中心,Beijing, Jiade Art Center ©肖世豪

▼日本,美秀美术馆,Japan, Miho Museum ©肖世豪

▼日本,京都,Japan, Kyoto

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