Photo Constructs by Scott Hazard

“The greatest poet dilates any thing that was before thought small… with the grandeur and life of the universe. He is a seer.”

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大脑处理外界刺激产生的信息。该作品则加强这一刺激反应,人们目光游走在那些“构造”中,产生想象。美国艺术家Scott Hazard的作品倍具诗意,他基于城市或田园风景取材,做成视频或照片,营造出一个位于空白区域的气氛。在这个有着海量刺激的世界,人们却常常忘了注意除自己之外的很多事物。而Scott Hazard则希望通过作品改变这一现状。就像草叶集的序言那样:“最伟大的诗人能从细微之处发现壮丽的世界和生命。他是先知。”


Photo Constructs

If the mind is a reducer, shuffling through an endless stream of stimulus to arrive at themost pertinent information, these pieces are reflections and extensions of this process. Asthe viewer’s gaze enters and traverses the layers of images in each construct, visionbecomes tactile, lending an articulated viewing experience and a space for the eyes tolinger in each image.


The objects I make serve as devices for poetic awareness. Looking into them creates an atmosphere of in-betweenness which helps frame the small extractions and resonances of the world featured in each work. Commonplace elements in the natural and built worlds provide points of origin for helping people gain insights and understandings of the landscape around them. My work incorporates extractions from sites in urban and pastoral landscapes, whether the material extracted is local stone or wood, video, or photographs. 

In a world with a seemingly endless amount of stimulus available, most of us are concerned with our own business, unable to let some of the more subtle aspects of the world reveal themselves to us at times. Taking note of these details might help us better appreciate or gain an enhanced understanding of the world we live in. As Walt Whitman wrote in the preface to Leaves of Grass, “The greatest poet dilates any thing that was before thought small… with the grandeur and life of the universe. He is a seer.” My work temporarily removes or alters the viewer’s existing frame of reference to provide an opportunity for a different presence of mind, a distilled frame of reference. 

 — Scott Hazard


Scott Hazard is an artist and landscape architect based in Raleigh, North Carolina. He has exhibited his work at venues including Second Street Gallery in Charlottesville, VA, Roanoke College, Salem College, the Durham Arts Council, the Appleton Museum, The Atlantic Center for the Arts, and Artspace in Raleigh NC . He was born in San Diego, California and received his landscape architecture education at California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo. He earned a Master of Fine Arts with an emphasis on sculpture, photography and video at the University of Florida.




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