People’s Park – Interactive Installation for Guangdong Times Museum, China by TurtleHill Design

A transformable installation, a shared unit of Lego toys

Project Specs


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Having been operated for nearly 9 years, the Guangdong Times Museum launched its upgrade project.Turtlehill Design was invited to redesign the balcony space.

▼装置设计,the installation view © KentonLeung


The Guangdong Times Museum, designed by Rem Koolhaas is located at the rooftop of a residential building in Guangzhou China. The balcony is next to the lift lobby and in front of the main exhibition hall. As per Museum’s initial plan, the existing glass house would be removed and replaced by a souvenir shop and VIP tea house. According to the brief, we proposed a set of horizontal shifting blocks linked by a winding circulation. However, while this design was approved and ready to build, the museum came up with a new idea of “people’s park”where visitors could be sitting, lying, holding party, having picnic and etc. Everyone has right to use the space in his/her own way. This idea is revolutionary. The initial design is no longer compatible and has to be reconsidered.

▼装置所在位置示意图,位于广州白云区一栋高层住宅屋顶之上,the location of the installation that is located at the rooftop of a residential building in Guangzhou China ©TURTLEHILL


After discussions, we found a transformable installation could answer to the “people’s park”idea. We devised a unit of blocks installed with tracks and wheels which enable them to slide independently in X and Y directions.

▼单元构件,由两个底部装有万向轮,顶面内嵌轨道的标准长方体构件,加上一个底面内嵌轨道非标长方体构件组合而成,the unit of blocks installed with tracks and wheels which enable them to slide independently in X and Y directions ©TURTLEHILL


Just like Lego toys, these units could be pushed around and interlocked with each other to compose forms as visitor’s wish. Hence, the right of using and composing the space is completely handed to the visitors.

▼形态组合变换,the change of the combinations ©TURTLEHILL


平面组合可能性A | Combination A

▼平面布置图 – 平面组合可能性A,layout plan – Combination A ©TURTLEHILL

▼平面组合可能性A实景,标准长方体构件集中布置在露台一角,the real scene of the Combination A, blocks are arranged in an integrated way © KentonLeung

▼平面组合可能性A局部,partial view of the Combination A © KentonLeung


平面组合可能性B | Combination B

▼平面布置图 – 平面组合可能性B,layout plan – Combination B ©TURTLEHILL

▼平面组合可能性B实景,标准长方体构件成倾斜角度四散在露台上,the real scene of the Combination B, blocks are scattered on the terrace at an angle © KentonLeung

▼人们可以坐在长方体构件上观景,people can enjoy a good view laying on the blocks © KentonLeung


平面组合可能性C | Combination C

▼平面布置图 – 平面组合可能性C,layout plan – Combination C ©TURTLEHILL

▼平面组合可能性C实景,标准长方体构件垂直分散布置在露台上,the real scene of the Combination C, blocks are scattered vertically on the terrace © KentonLeung


The “people’s park”installation has become one of the most popular places of the museum. As a prototype of possibilities, it has potentials to be developed and applied to numerous scenarios.

▼人们在进行装置的变形,people are working on the change of the combinations © KentonLeung

▼南立面图,south elevation ©TURTLEHILL

▼东立面图,east elevation ©TURTLEHILL

摄影版权:Kenton Leung

Project Name: People’s Park _ Interactive Installation for Guangdong Times Museum
Designer: TurtleHill Design
Design & Completion Year: 2019
Lead Designer: Jason Guo, Jiayu Zeng
Design Team: Whyatt Zhengwei He, Flora Feiran Wang, Charlie Hongyi Cao, Zhiqing Mo, Jiapei Luo
Project Location: Guangzhou China
Gross Building Area: 145 Square Meters
Photo Credits: Kenton Leung
Clients: Guangdong Times Museum
Brands / Products used in the Project: Treated Timber, Stainless steel Framework, Wheels

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