Penthouse in Costa Blanca by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

House defined by white and black

Project Specs


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项目位于地中海的Costa Blanca,设计师对一栋阁楼房进行了改造。

The project consists in the refurbishment of a penthouse located in the Costa Blanca of the Mediterranean Sea.

▼室内概览,overall view of the interior ©Diego Opazo


The main floor, articulated in a single room, seeks continuity between the kitchen, the living room, the terrace and the landscape. On the upper floor, where the night area is located, the master bedroom opens out to the sea through a terrace and has a large dressing room that meets each one of the clients’ preferences.

▼空间通透,厨房、餐厅、起居室相连,kitchen, dining, living room combined in one open space ©Diego Opazo

▼客厅,living room ©Diego Opazo

▼用餐区,dining space ©Diego Opazo


In order to delimit the spaces different elements are used. On the one hand, the staircase, made of white stone, conceived as a sculptural element that, together with the kitchen as furniture, allow the use of spaces. On the other hand, a black stone element includes the humid areas and serves to configure the space of the master bedroom.

▼白色石材组成的楼梯间如雕塑一般划分空间,staircase of white stone defines the space like a sculpture ©Diego Opazo

▼厨房,kitchen ©Diego Opazo

▼楼梯间细部,details of the staircase ©Diego Opazo

▼主卧室,main bedroom ©Diego Opazo

▼黑色石材组成的湿区界定空间,humid space of black stone delimits the space ©Diego Opazo

▼洗漱台连接更衣室,washing basin connected  to the dressing room ©Diego Opazo

▼宽敞的更衣室,large dressing room ©Diego Opazo


Boosting the views of the Bay of Altea becomes the last and most important element of this proposal.

▼露台朝向海滩,terrace facing the coast ©Diego Opazo

▼浴室,可以欣赏海面景色,bath room with view to the sea ©Diego Opazo

▼次卧室,bedroom ©Diego Opazo

▼白色盥洗池界定空间,washing basin of white stone defines the space ©Diego Opazo

▼次卧室浴室,bath room ©Diego Opazo

▼一层平面图,ground floor plan

▼二层平面图,first floor plan

PROJECT TEAM: Fran Silvestre | Principal in Charge, Ricardo Candela | Principal in Charge
COLLABORATOR: María Masià | Collaborating Architect, Estefanía Soriano | Collaborating Architect, Pablo Camarasa | Collaborating Architect, Sandra Insa | Collaborating Architect, Sevak Asatrián | Collaborating Architect, Ricardo Candela | Collaborating Architect, David Sastre | Collaborating Architect, Vicente Picó | Collaborating Architect, Rubén March | Collaborating Architect, Jose Manuel Arnao | Collaborating Architect, Rosa Juanes | Collaborating Architect, Gemma Aparicio | Collaborating Architect, Paz Garcia-España | Collaborating Architect, Ángel Pérez | Collaborating Architect, Juan Fernandez | Collaborating Architect, Javi Hinojosa | Collaborating Architect, Pau Ricós | Collaborating Architect, Andrea Baldo | Collaborating Architect, Blanca Larraz | Collaborating Architect, Juan Sanchis | Collaborating Architect, Jorge Puig | Collaborating Architect, Carlos Lucas | Collaborating Architect, Miguel Massa | Collaborating Architect, Paloma Feng | Collaborating Architect, Alicia Simón | Arquitecto colaborador, Ana de Pablo | Financial Manager, Sara Atienza | Marketing and communication
LOCATION: Alicante
BUILT AREA: 112,29 m2
BUILDING SERVICES: Climate control | Air conditioning (Mitsubishi); Electrical fitting | Mechanisms Jung serie 990; Lighting | Foseados in false ceiling. LED linear luminaire., FLOS Architectural moonline system.
FINISHES: Paving | Microcement with colored varnish finish. Art Project., Carrara marble. Pibamarmi (Terracerámica), Black marbled shower Marquina florin; Facing | Interiors – Gypsum board with water-matte enamel finish, White lacquered DM board paneling; Bathrooms and kitchen – Marquina florín black marble cladding; False ceilings – Plasterboard plasterboard; Paintings – Walls and ceilings | Matte water enamel
METALWORK & LOCKSMITHING: Interior | Internal and cupboard doors – White lacquered MDF RAL (Papema); Exterior – Carpintería Cortizo modelo visión plus; Glazing – Double-glazed tempered glass; Locksmithing – Laminated tempered glass
BATHROOM: Sanitaryware | Toilet – Serie Inspira Round (Roca), Sanitary Fittings – (Geberit); Bathroom taps | Ritmonio diámetro 35. (Terra cerámica); Lighting | Led lighting inserted in mirror; Mechanisms – Jung serie 990
KITCHEN: Equipment | Bulthaup B2 model

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