Pavilion Extension by Ashworth Parkes Architects Ltd

The inspiration for the design was the traditional conservatory

Project Specs

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The client runs his own construction company, which built the project. The site is part of a range of heavy brick built barns that sit within the curtilage of a Grade 1 listed manor house in a village outside Cambridge. The barns were originally converted to residential in 1999.

▼建筑外观,external view of the project ©Matthew Smith


He approached us to add a small extension that would double the size of the space that was currently serving as both his dining space and kitchen, add a bootroom, a utility space and a larder and to open up the rather gloomy interior and maximise the daylight and the views to the mature garden.

▼扩建部分宛如飘浮着的玻璃盒子,The extension is like a floating glass box ©Matthew Smith

▼屋顶与遮阳构件细部,Detail of roof and shading elements ©Matthew Smith

Contrast of the metal roof with the original stone walls ©Matthew Smith


The solution was to keep the kitchen in the same location, adding a new larder; to extend out into the garden with a new ‘pavilion’ that would house the larger sitting and dining areas; to house the new bootroom and utility within a new lead roofed structure to the side.

▼扩建部分室内概览,overall of the interior ©Matthew Smith

▼宽敞舒适的休息区与用餐区,larger sitting and dining areas ©Matthew Smith

▼大面积的玻璃模糊了室内外的界限,Large areas of glass blur the boundary between inside and outside ©Matthew Smith

▼铜制百叶细部,details of the copper blinds ©Matthew Smith

▼镜面不锈钢柱细部,mirrored stainless steel columns  ©Matthew Smith


The inspiration for the design was the traditional conservatory. the structure is orientated directly to the South. The walls of glass ensure that it allows in the maximum daylight possible to penetrate deep into the plan, minimise the impact of the new building on the old, whilst the details of the design, the heavy roof, the glass specification and the brise soleil help to maintain a steady temperature throughout summer and winter. Mirrored stainless steel columns, which dissolve into the landscape, and the ‘glass to glass’ corner makes the, weighty, timber coffered ceiling appear to float, whilst giving a sense of place for family gatherings and dinner parties.

▼由设备室看厨房,viewing the kitchen from the utiltiy ©Matthew Smith

▼厨房,kitchen ©Matthew Smith

▼天花板细部,details of the ceiling ©Matthew Smith


Remotely operated, concealed, copper blinds give protection from the low winter sun and bouncing a warm glow up onto the soffit of the ceiling. The large sliding door when open connects the space directly to the garden outside.

▼夜景,night views ©Matthew Smith

▼平面图,plan ©Ashworth Parkes Architects Ltd

▼立面图,elevations ©Ashworth Parkes Architects Ltd

▼剖面图,section ©Ashworth Parkes Architects Ltd

▼构造细部,construction details ©Ashworth Parkes Architects Ltd

Project size:77 m2
Site size:1154 m2
Completion date:2019
Building levels:1
Location:Grantchester, United Kingdom
Architect:Ashworth Parkes Architects Ltd
Photo credit:Matthew Smith

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