Paramount Recreation Club by Herbert & Mason

New model for multi-functional recreation space

Project Specs


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An award winning health club, a place for rooftop fitness, food and drinks. PRC is a pavilion; open room’s connected via smaller intimate spaces for physical, mental and social wellbeing. the space offers Hotel guests, building occupants and THE community a place to workout, hangout, or both.

▼项目概览,overall view of the project


Multiple attempts by previous designers failed to achieve development approval for the site. The success of our design is understood by the vision to create a unique recreation and social space that not only contributes to the overall purpose of the building and its occupants but to genuinely create a new model for spaces of wellbeing and social gathering … a purposeful place that embraces context, the working community and local residents.

▼改造前(左)后(右)平面对比,空间更加丰富开放,contrast before and after renovation, making the space richer and more open


The design includes the addition of a new open air pavilion which can be used as either 1 large space or 2 medium and 1 small space (multifunction space) by the incorporation of operable walls and screens. An existing workers cottage has been adapted to create the reception area, nutrition centre & consultation rooms. Washrooms / multiuse end of trip facilities are provided by the inclusion of a new crystaline glass enclosure to the west of the site with natural ventilation and green screens to create privacy. The space operates as a new form of health club for the public and adjacent boutique hotel. When not operating as a recreation club the spaces are used as either function & event spaces, an open air market (on weekends), open air deck & steam room for hotel patrons, break out space for office workers (on lower floors) and open air cinema in the evening.

▼开放的凉亭,open pavilion

▼凉亭空间可以共不同活动使用,the space in the pavilion could be used for different events

▼可移动的幕墙改变空间分区,space could be redefined by movable partitions and screens

▼位于基地西侧的浴室和卫生间,由水晶玻璃围合,bathroom at the west of the site enclosed by crystal glass

▼透过玻璃立面可以隐约看到室外景观,glass facade providing a blurred view of the outdoor environment

▼淋浴间,shower room


The atmosphere is bright and light. Materially the space is conceived in shades of blue, white and green to enhance the sense of being amidst the treetops and amongst the clouds. Materials are detailed to float or disappear, metalwork, loose furniture, umbrella’s and FFE have been custom designed and made specific to the project to enhance this quality and maximise storage. All furniture is removable and demountable to support the multi functional use of the space and storage spaces are cleverly concealed to hide form of use to enable another. Softscaping is embedded into the entire space, creating permeable green barriers or spaces that camouflage the interior from external spaces.

▼定制的遮阳伞,customized umbrellas

▼定制的储物空间,customized storage space

▼空间中的细部,details in the space

softscaping surrounding the club

Completion date: 2018
Building levels: 1
Project team: Herbert & Mason

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