Palazzo Stamskin for Serge Ferrari, Milan Design Week 2018 by duo GGSV

A colorful wonderland for furnitures

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在2018年的米兰设计周上,Serge Ferrari邀请来自GGSV设计工作室的Gaelle Gabillet和Stephane Villard设计一个展示该品牌家具装饰的装置: Stamskin。在5VIE区域的画廊内,这两个设计师想象了一个名为“Stamskin宫殿”,这个装置呈现了一个梦幻般的舞台,空间内充满了奢华的形状和颜色,游客们享受着让人陶醉的图样构成,在这个奇妙的旅行中发现Serge Ferrari产品的新视角。

For the 2018 edition of Milan Design Week, Serge Ferrari asked design duo GGSV – Gaëlle Gabillet & Stéphane Villard – to create an installation showcasing the brand’s furniture upholstery range : Stamskin. In a gallery located in the 5VIE district, the two designers have imagined “Palazzo Stamskin”, an installation that stages a dreamlike palace, a space full of extravagant shapes and colours, where visitors experience a wonderful journey through alluring compositions and discover a new perspective on this innovative product by Serge Ferrari.

▼展示空间一览,overview of the space

▼展览中建筑元素的比例不一,产生特殊的视觉效果;the scale of the architectural elements are in different scales, creating a special visual effects

游客们享受着一种完全沉浸式的体验,在这里他们就像潜入一个把玩比例的世界,一连串的场景激发着他们的创造力。物件、表面、造型、图案、材料等等的组合派生出了家的感觉,不能不让人感到惊讶。设计通过让人们沉浸在空间里、抽象的家具和物件等,改变人们对场地的认知,由此Gaëlle Gabillet和Stéphane Villard突出展现了材料的美感,它的细节纹理和许多色彩设计。

Diving deep into a world that plays on scale, visitors enjoy a completely immersive experience, as they amble through a succession of scenes meant to inspire and spark their creativity. A surprising sense of home emerges from this combination of objects, surfaces, shapes, patterns, materials, etc. By altering our perception of the place – offering IMMERSION through space, ABSTRACTION through the furniture, SAMPLES through objects –, Gaëlle Gabillet and Stéphane Villard underline the beauty of the material, its grain and many colourways.

▼由台阶过渡到下一个展区,one step hints the next exhibition area

▼该展区中强烈的色彩区别于上一展区,the strong colors differentiate from the previous area

▼区域中央还安装了特殊的装置,供人们赏玩;the special-made installation is place in the middle of the area to serve the visitors

想找到好的室外家具总是很难的事情:你在哪儿找到过舒适的、需要尽可能少保养的绒制家具? Serge Ferrari的研发团用Stamskin系列回答了这个问题,它为户外家具的所有可能的期望提供了一个解决方案。Stamskin Zen和Stamskin Top在舒适、耐药、耐久、耐污、耐紫外线等方面达到了最严格的标准。最近在这个系列里加了Stamskin One,它也有着同样的优势,且欧哲一种独特的柔软感。Serge Ferrari公司2018 Stamskin系列所有新款颜色都可以买到,它们看上去就像摸上去那样美丽,室内室外皆适宜使用。

Looking for outdoor furniture is always challenging: where do you find comfortable, plush furniture that requires as little maintenance as possible? A question that Serge Ferrari’s R&D team answered with the Stamskin range, which provides a solution to every possible expectation for outdoor furniture. Stamskin Zen and Stamskin Top meet the most demanding standards in terms of comfort, resistance, durability, stain and UV resistance, etc. A recent addition to the collections, Stamskin One offers the same advantages, with the added bonus of a uniquely soft feel. Available in a wide range of colours – all new 2018 palette –, Serge Ferrari’s Stamskin ranges look just as beautiful as they feel, both outside and inside.

▼最后一个区域色彩更明亮,the last area uses bright colors

▼安装过程,the installation process

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