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Replacing the offset area with courtyard

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Pa Prank旅舍位于曼谷最有名的历史城区之一Phraeng Saphasat,周围分布着数个旅游景点。该项目由一栋旧建筑翻新而来,从两间店屋变成了一家旅舍和一间咖啡店。

Located at Phraeng Saphasat, one of the most well known historical districts in Bangkok where there are several attractions for tourists around. Pa Prank project is a renovated building from two shophouses to become a hostel and a cafe.

▼周边环境,context ©Ketsiree Wongwan

▼旅舍立面,street facade ©Ketsiree Wongwan

▼朝向街道的咖啡馆和庭院,the cafe and courtyard facing the street ©Ketsiree Wongwan


▼场地平面图,layout ©IDIN ARCHITECTS

The arrangement of the functions in this hostel is significantly considered for convenience. On the mezzanine floor is the common area where is convenient for access from the cafe on the ground floor, and from activity area and guestrooms upstairs. Above the common area is the zone for bathroom, locker rooms and laundry, leaving the third and fourth floor to be the places for every guestroom. Finally, the yoga and boxing class zone are located at the roof floor for serving both indoor and outdoor activities, which can take the view of beautiful historical scene.

▼一层外观,ground floor exterior view ©Ketsiree Wongwan

▼咖啡馆和庭院通过玻璃墙隔开,the cafe is divided from the courtyard by a glazed wall ©Ketsiree Wongwan

▼空间关系,spatial relationship ©Ketsiree Wongwan

▼咖啡馆内部,cafe interior view ©Ketsiree Wongwan

▼咖啡馆上方的夹层被用作公共区域,on the mezzanine floor is the common area ©Ketsiree Wongwan

▼共享空间,the shared space ©Ketsiree Wongwan

▼夹层走廊,corridor on the mezzanine floor ©Ketsiree Wongwan

▼屋顶露台,roof terrace ©Ketsiree Wongwan


▼设计示意图 – 缩进,diagram – offset ©IDIN ARCHITECTS

The concept of the design comes from the common problems of lacks of light in the shophouse. Shophouse is usually long and is covered its two sides with the adjacent units, so there is only a little amount of light entering through the front side of the building. Therefore, the entire two meters area which lies along the side of the building in every floor are removed in order to let the light comes in to the area. Moreover, this ventilating area on the ground floor is also provided to be a courtyard.

▼每个楼层空间缩进2米以形成通风的开放空间,the entire two meters area which lies along the side of the building in every floor are removed in order to let the light comes in to the area ©Ketsiree Wongwan

▼庭院上方的天空,the sky above the courtyard ©Ketsiree Wongwan


▼设计示意 – 间隔空间,diagram –  empty volume ©IDIN ARCHITECTS

Special private guestrooms are designed to float upon this high empty volume providing them two sides of light and ventilation. The top of these rooms is also used as a balcony for the upper rooms. The existing structure along with the chapped brick wall are intentionally preserved for being a reminder for the former building.

▼私人客房“漂浮”在“空置”的体量内,special private guest rooms are designed to float upon the high empty volume ©Ketsiree Wongwan

▼客房走廊,corridor ©Ketsiree Wongwan

▼交通空间,circulation space ©Ketsiree Wongwan

▼客房,guest room ©Ketsiree Wongwan

▼室内空间,interior view ©Ketsiree Wongwan

▼浴室,bathroom ©Ketsiree Wongwan


▼设计示意 – 材料,diagram – material ©IDIN ARCHITECTS

In addition, the architects desire to communicate the idea of the contrast of being modern among historical surrounding. To achieve that, a huge curtain wall is chosen as an element enclosing the functional areas along the building’s depth to reflect the well-preserved wall. On the other hands, the visitors can clearly see the old walls as a reflection on the modern window, and this wall also be the scenery for the guests inside.

▼玻璃幕墙与砖墙的对比,the contrast between curtain wall and brick wall ©Ketsiree Wongwan

▼从公共区域望向砖墙,view to the brick wall from common area ©Ketsiree Wongwan

▼从旧建筑保留下来的斑驳砖墙,the well-preserved wall ©Ketsiree Wongwan


▼设计示意 – 立面,diagram – facade ©IDIN ARCHITECTS

The front facade design is inspired by the traditional Thai shophouse’s window but it is interpreted in a different way. New materials like steel and black color are now the main feature, causing the building disappear from surrounding context. In contrast, interior spaces are mainly decorated with the original traditional window’s character, and with white color for comfortable feel.

▼立面参考了泰国传统店屋橱窗的设计,the front facade design is inspired by the traditional Thai shophouse’s window ©Ketsiree Wongwan

▼街边咖啡馆,cafe along the street ©Ketsiree Wongwan

▼庭院夜景,courtyard night view ©Ketsiree Wongwan

▼夜间立面,facade night view ©Ketsiree Wongwan

▼街景,street by night ©Ketsiree Wongwan

▼一层平面图,1st floor plan

▼二层平面图,2nd floor plan

▼三层平面图,3rd floor plan


Project name: PA PRANK
Contact e-mail:
Design year & Completion Year: 2016,2018
Leader designer & Team: “Architects : Jeravej Hongsakul, Eakgaluk Sirijariyawat,Wichan Kongnok,Pilanthana Phuawiriyaphan
Interior: Thuwanont Ruangkanoksilp”
Project location: Phranakhon,BKK,Thailand
Gross Built Area: 725 sq.m.
Photo credits: Ketsiree Wongwan
Partners Structural engineer : Chaiyot Pinitjitrsamut, System Engineer: Eakachai Hamhomvong, Panot Kuakoolwong, Contractor: Det Thijina
Clients: Suppayaluk Kongpech
Brands / Products used in the projrct:
1. Steel
2. Old chapped brick wall
3. Curtain wall

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