Open Fields / Guillaume Amat

The reality and fiction are blurred by the spatial information superimposed on the front of the lens.

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法国巴黎摄影师Guillaume Am at从2013年开始创作“旷野”系列,他在景观中放置80x120cm见方的玻璃,拍下景观以及镜子中反射的景观。这种双重阅读般,拥有全新视角的图像让Guillaume Amat感到着迷:在这些图像中,现实与虚构被镜头前叠加的空间信息所模糊。

Start in 2013 the central idea of the serie “Open Fields” is the questions the representation of the French landscape and the notion of his capture with a mirror measuring 80x120cm placed in situ. The mirror comes reconstructing the landscape with the off- field facing him and creating a double reading.
In the construction of my pictures, I’m interested in creating a new perspective within the context of the image, by blurring the boundaries between the real and fiction, reality and invented. There is a question of the superposing of shots and the fragmentation of spaces to create new perceptions, by playing with the perspectives and the picture frame of the host site.
















Guillaume Amat is a French photographer who is based in Paris. In 2005, he graduated from Art School, with top honors. In 2007 he joined Millennium Images Ltd., Signatures-photographies agency in 2008 and participate to collective project on the French Landscapes called “France(s)  Territoire Liquide”
Guillaume Amat is dedicated to long-term projects which produce photographic narratives. His field of action is not limited to a single area, never ceasing to question photographic representation and the way to transfigure reality. Aiming to adapt the camera to the subject and the way in which to narrate a story by using different types of cameras, formats and sensible surfaces. With his images he build stories which navigate between documentary and poetry.

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