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巴西圣保罗城市发展过程中,许多建筑暴露的山墙面都利用作庞大的广告台,后来巴西颁布法令禁止这种对建筑的利用方式,取缔掉广告,只剩下毫无生气的墙面空洞的面对着城市。Nitsche Projetos Visuais不愿意看到这些山墙的价值被忽视,他们想要挖掘出这些墙面的潜力,把他们变成能给城市带来活力的景观,因此他们在 “Minhocão Park”项目上为建筑创作了一副巨大的涂鸦。

Laws that regulated building in downtown and surroundings allowed the construction near the seatbacks in order to settle the front part of the street forming large built axes. With the changes of urban planning, the old buildings that didn’t follow the city transformation and the expectant lands ended up not conforming to this urban area, permitting the appearance of the so-called “blind walls” , the side part of the buildings next to land boundaries that didn’t have  the continuity to another annex building.

These blind gables appear as large walls without openings in buildings of São Paulo and are founded throughout the city. They were used as huge advertising platforms until a municipal law  was enacted and forbid such use.

But not only the market saw the potential of these spaces. They are a true object of desire to the graffiti artists and taggers, and this desire turn “bling walls” into “alive walls”.

Particularly in “Minhocão Park” these blind gables form an impressive set of “white screens,” as if this space was a large suspended gallery in metropolitan scale.






However it is very important to say that those blank spaces  aren’t just “white screens”, first of all they are buildings walls, like big slices of constructions, sections of the buildings in natural scale

The project, commissioned especially for the “Virada Cultural 2015”  potentiated this possibility with the painting of one gable with ten floors and ten meters wide, at  Paulo Teodoro Building, located at General Olimpio da Silveira Avenue, 327, under “Minhocão”.

The project took 4 weeks to be done, considering the negotiation with possible buildings; 5 days for the execution including  the rent and the installation of one platform with 10 meters of track and steel wire ropes (for painting running as the head of a large printer) where three painters could work; level tube, plumb, line marking and masking tape; 3 coats of black paint and 43 adhesive masks: 43 silhouettes of living creatures drawn in negative with the existing bottom of the wall, people drawn with the city.








Location:ParqueMinhocão – Avenida General Olimpio da Silveira, 327, Santa Cecília,São Paulo-SP.
Painting area: 300m² (10x30m)
Project: NitscheProjetosVisuais
Project’s Year: 2015

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