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1969年,后现代主义建筑师汉斯·霍莱因(Hans Hollein)构思了一个可移动的办公空间:在该构想中,随着科技的进步,办公空间将会发生巨大的转变,例如具备一定的移动性。该空间既是表演艺术,又是建筑概念,可以适应世界上的任何一个地点,更为重要的是,它还能为人们日常的工作生活提供流畅周到的建筑空间。


the reception area of the headquarters ©Conrad Brown

In 1969 postmodernist architect Hans Hollein conceptualized an office space that was mobile–a blow-up shell that could be instated in any place in the world, anticipating the coming technology that has transformed workplaces. Part performance art, part architecture concept, Mobile Office articulated the ambition to extend fluid, thoughtful design and architecture into everyday working life.

The contemporary office acknowledges the need for flexibility–spaces to focus in, to convene, socialize, and collaborate. Onni Group’s headquarters in Vancouver allows for a spectrum of use, presenting a responsive environment that is ever-evolving.

the waiting lounge at the entrance ©Conrad Brown


Our design for the headquarter facilitates the new working milieu. Movement throughout is understood to be continuous, as digital technology breaks tethers to stationary desks. This can be seen through the use of the common shared spaces–the cafeteria where team members can gather and mingle throughout the day; the reading room, a quiet space for laptop work when one needs time to focus. The break-out rooms are spaces of collaboration, where team members can gather to hash-out ideas.

the cafeteria where team members can gather and mingle throughout the day ©Conrad Brown

partial interior view of the headquarters ©Conrad Brown

the break-out rooms are spaces of collaboration ©Conrad Brown

wall details of the break-out room ©Conrad Brown


the staircase with the sculptural railing that anchors the centre of the office ©Conrad Brown

the sheet metal forms curves at every corner ©Conrad Brown

the staircase on the upper floor, the matte black metal pendants retain a polished and sophisticated feel ©Conrad Brown

Leaning away from traditional office trappings lead the design towards more comfortable, residential elements. Wood veneer ceiling and millwork elements paired with gem tones of blue and green add warmth and colour. Brass accents and matte black metal detailing retains a polished and sophisticated feel. Nodding to values of craftsmanship and innovation is a feature sculptural staircase railing that anchors the centre of the office. Molding sheet metal to appear soft and pliable, forming curves at every corner that gracefully flow from the first floor and continuously transition into the second-floor guard rail. A synthesis of function and movement–it’s a fitting ode to the modern, mobile office.

▼室内空间细节,space details ©Conrad Brown

▼材料细节,material details ©Conrad Brown

Project team: Ste. Marie Art and Design
Photo: Conrad Brown

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