One Ninth Installation by College of Design and Art of North National University

A space on the rooftop

Project Specs


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The project is located on the rooftop of the fourth floor of the teaching building of the College of Design and Art of the Northern National University jointly designed, funded, and constructed by nine graduates. It offers a space on the rooftop to the students.


One is the sum of all things. In philosophical terms, it is an entity. Nine is greater than one in a digital sense. But it is a dispersed individual while nine is the individual of one. The nine different individual worldviews create a miniature world. overall. We tried to break the boundaries of space in the drawings and free ourselves from our paper products in a hands-on manner to break the gap between people and space, to measure space on a scale of people, to experience the narrative language of different spaces.



In such a process, we were bound to face challenges from nature and the challenges from ourselves. In this process, we also truly felt the influence of scales, materials, and structures on one space, and of course we also learned the use of different tools and the construction of materials. Such a process of exploration and learning is a rare experience for us.




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