Oficina Zooco Santander, Santander, Cantabria, Spain by ZOOCO ESTUDIO

rounded arches define the personalized office space

Project Specs


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The place is located in a corner and it has two facades with a strong rhythm of windows with a semicircular top shape. This gives the space a great personality. These elements are so strong that it is going to be the leitmotiv of the local morphology itself.

▼圆拱定义的办公空间,office space defined by rounded arches © Imagen Subliminal

▼不同角度的办公室玄关,different views of entryway © Imagen Subliminal

▼植入的体块包含服务功能,insert elements with services © Imagen Subliminal


To solve the functional needs, the rounded arch is used as the only geometry, giving continuity and enhancing the pre-existing spatial language. In a completely diaphanous place, two elements are inserted in a way that organize the space to adapt it to the needs. The first of these elements contains all the services (toilet, office-kitchen, room for facilities and storage), while the other defines the two existing meeting areas, independent of each other, but visually connected. The rest of the space is conceived as a common room where work areas, relax and relationship are mixed. It is the distribution of the furniture itself, which establishes the circulations and stays, generating a flexible space that allows multiple configurations.

▼拱形开窗给办公区带来良好采光,arched windows bring good daylight to the work areas © Imagen Subliminal

▼办公区与会议区以拱形分隔,work areas and meeting areas are separated by arches © Imagen Subliminal

▼灵活布置的交流空间,the flexible space of relationship area © Imagen Subliminal

▼从正对的圆拱看会议区,view of the meeting areas through the arch © Imagen Subliminal

▼视线通过交错的圆拱,view through the crossing arches © Imagen Subliminal

▼会议区内部视角,view from inside the meeting areas © Imagen Subliminal

▼两间会议室在视觉上保持连续,two meeting rooms are visually connected © Imagen Subliminal


The natural oak material is present in the holes of the arches and the floor. This material turns paramount due to the absence of color of the rest of the furniture and furnishings, creating a pleasant feeling of harmony.

▼圆拱内衬与地板采用天然橡木,the natural oak material used for the holes of the arches and the floor © Imagen Subliminal

▼洗手池和卫生间的圆拱元素,arch of the office-kitchen and in the bathroom © Imagen Subliminal

▼轴测图,axonometric drawing © ZOOCO ESTUDIO

▼剖面图,section © ZOOCO ESTUDIO

Project: Oficina zooco santander
Year: 2019
Team: Miguel Crespo Picot, Javier Guzmán Benito, Sixto Martín Martínez, ZOOCO ESTUDIO (www.zooco.es)
Collaborators: Paula Cruz, Beatriz Cavia, Beatriz Villahoz
Photographic: Imagen Subliminal www.imagensubliminal.com
Illumination: ZOOCO ESTUDIO (www.zooco.es)
Furnishing: ZOOCO ESTUDIO (www.zooco.es)

More: ZOOCO ESTUDIO       更多关于他们:ZOOCO ESTUDIO on gooood .

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