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▼入口立面,entrance facade © Julian Abrams

▼入口大厅,entrance lobby © Julian Abrams

This office refurbishment project is located within East London’s fashionable Shoreditch area. The four-storey building, featuring both a generous internal and entrance atrium, has been substantially upgraded; offering modern office floors, which benefit from natural light, high ceilings, and full air conditioning. The three-storey high, fully glazed entrance lobby has been completely remodelled, introducing a bespoke facade and sculpted staircase feature composed of curved pipework.

▼四层高的内部中庭, the four-storey internal atrium © Julian Abrams


Materials and construction methods have been chosen carefully with respect to the area’s rich history of clothing, furniture and printing; exposing the craftsmanship and rawness inherent in each. The offices feature exposed brickwork while the lobby stair and sculpture are constructed from waxed steel. The core is equipped with a lift, kitchen units, showers and bathrooms, which are accessed via a naturally lit, timber veneered corridor.

▼中庭天顶,looking up from the atrium © Julian Abrams

▼开放办公空间,open plan office © Julian Abrams

▼中庭和办公空间细节,interior details of the atrium and office © Julian Abrams

▼照明色彩方案,colour scheme © Julian Abrams


An important aspect for the Shoreditch project has been to create a street presence and identity for the refurbished building. This has been achieved largely through the visibility of the distinct staircase that is also very much in keeping with the highly creative character of this part of the city.

▼造型独特的楼梯通过玻璃立面完全地展示出来,为建筑赋予了辨识度 © Julian Abrams
the visibility of the distinct staircase has created a street presence and identity for the refurbished building

设计过程以草图和实物模型为基础探索了几种不同的方案,并结合3D CAD建模得到进一步发展。经过与专业建造商和顾问的讨论,材料、制造和法规条例等方面的需求也逐步得到了完善。最终的设计被导入CAM(计算机辅助制造)软件,为正式的建造做准备。


The design process involved exploring several design options through sketches and physical models, which gradually evolved in combination with 3D CAD modelling. Material, manufacturing and Building Regulation limitations were also closely considered in refining the design following discussions with the specialist subcontractor and consultants. The final design was then translated into CAM software in preparation for fabrication.

Whilst state of the art CNC laser cutters were used to precisely cut and translate the 3D information to create the stringer sections, it was fantastic to see that traditional bending methods were still prevalent in the process and in tailoring the unique curvature of all the sculptural curves intrinsic to the stair. Once the stair was test fitted off-site and inspected, each section was delivered to site for final assembly and welding; a process which took around 8 weeks.

▼楼梯细节,stair detailed view © Julian Abrams


Due to the slight changes in curvature to each section, final adjustments on site were made to ensure the fluid geometry was achieved. The near-completed stair was carefully cleaned in preparation for waxing, which protects the mild steel from rusting and produces warmth to the finish without masking the rawness of the material itself. LED lights were then fed through the pipes to light up the 200, individual fixed, 3D printed light diffusion lenses.

▼入口大厅夜景,entrance lobby at night © Julian Abrams

正式完工后的楼梯高度为10米,使其所在中庭的交通变得更加通畅无阻,且可同时服务于4家公司(14000 ft2)的办公区域。不论白天还是夜晚,新的楼梯都成为肖迪奇街道上的一处独特风景。

The completed stair, standing 10 meters tall, and its now unobstructed entrance atrium easily serves the 4 companies occupying 14,000 ft2 office space, whilst creating a fitting and memorable feature both night and day to the Shoreditch streetscape.

▼肖迪奇区街景,Shoreditch streetscape © Julian Abrams

Project size: 1300 m2
Site size: 300 m2
Completion date: 2016
Building levels: 5
Project team: Patalab Architecture

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