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What do the most interesting and innovative design offices in the world look like?
OFFICE FACT reveals the working method and the environment of them for you. This is the No.422 episode, OYLER WU COLLABORATIVE.

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Firm Bio | 公司简介

Dwayne Oyler and Jenny Wu established the architecture and design firm of Oyler Wu Collaborative in Los Angeles in 2004. The office has been published globally and is recognized for its experimentation in design and innovative strategies.  Their current work ranges from small scale installations to large scale commercial and residential buildings in the US and Asia.  Jenny Wu received a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University and a Master of Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Dwayne Oyler received a Bachelor of Architecture from Kansas State University and a Master of Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Both partners currently teach design studio at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc).

Their book, Pendulum Plane, was published in 2009 by the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design, and most recently, a book entitled, reALIze, was published in 2011.  In 2010, they received the first annual “Arch Is” award given by the AIA Los Angeles for emerging talents in architectural design. They have been invited to lecture at the University of Southern California, Texas Tech, Tamkang University, and Arizona University.  The office has recently exhibited at the Beijing Biennale, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, and the London Festival of Architecture.

Oyler Wu Collaborative由Dwayne Oyler 和 Jenny Wu于2004年在洛杉矶成立。办公室的设计以及创新在全球范围得到了认可。项目分布在美国和亚洲,从小尺度装置到大型的商业及住宅项目均有涉猎。Jenny Wu在哥伦比亚大学获得文学学士学位,在哈佛大学获得建筑学硕士学位。Dwayne Oyler在卡萨斯州立大学获得建筑学学士学位,在哈佛大学获得建筑学硕士学位。

办公室的两位合伙人都在南加州建筑学院(SCI-Arc)任教。他们的第一本著作《Pendulum Plane》在2009年出版,最近,2011年他们出版了另外一本著作《reALIze》。2010年,他们荣获AIA 洛杉矶建筑新人“ArchIs”奖。





Office | 办公空间

The office of Oyler Wu Collaborative is located on a vibrant commercial street in the design-oriented Silver Lake area of Los Angeles.  The building itself has been a project for the office and involves an ongoing series of interventions and transformations, beginning with the renovation of the building and growing to include a fence, with several (constantly evolving) additions in the works.  The building includes the design office of Oyler Wu, as well as a private residence on the second floor.  The exterior of the building is an austere two-story volume clad in fiber-reinforced cement board with deep, recessed aluminum windows. The interior of the building combines exposed 1930’s wood frame construction with simple modern detailing.












Design Philosophy | 设计哲学

Relocating from New York to Los Angeles in 2004, our office has utilized the last seven years to establish a way of working that is committed to experimentation through a relentless hands-on approach to our work.  Heavily invested in academia (currently both of us teach at Sci-Arc, the Southern California Institute of Architecture ), we consider it our obligation as instructors and architects to not only put ideas forward, but to test their application.  We believe that ideas find their greatest potency through the feedback of human experience, material resistance, and iterative processes.

Eager to test our ideas, and impatient in our desire to see the effects of our work, our office has turned to our own love of building to transform small projects with modest budgets into a testing ground for our ideas.  Los Angeles, Sci-Arc, and most recently, Taipei, have served as an invaluable test bed for our ambitions.  Most of our installations are work that we have built ourselves.  This way of working has grown out of necessity, an insistence on detail driven work on small budgets, and out of the desire to allow the design process to continually respond to feedback provided by the fabrication process.  The lack of conventional separation between the architectural and construction fields has allowed us to use the construction phase as an extension to the design process.  It has also provided a more direct translation of ideas from digital form to reality, while ensuring a level of articulation often difficult to achieve through a more conventional means of construction. It has been a period of material discovery, invention, and experimentation that comes only through the difficult, but profoundly rewarding task of realizing the work on a given site.  Most importantly, that knowledge brought with it new concepts for building that went beyond the material itself- one that is interested in extending the role of experimental work to better engage ideas of use and human engagement.

In the past 6 years, our office has expanded on the initial ideas to include larger and more robust projects. The office continues to rely on the constant exchange between design and making, often with small intense installations being built alongside the design of large-scale projects.  We believe that this insistence on hands-on experimentation should remain one of our most fundamental philosophies and is the key to our continued growth and evolution.










Current and Completed Projects | 近期项目

Their recently completed projects in 2010 include reALIze, a traveling art installation based on the face of Muhammad Ali consisted of 1400 punching bags suspended in space,  Anemone, a public art installation in Taipei, and most recently, Netscape, the 2011 SCI-Arc graduation pavilion in Los Angeles. Their previous projects, including Density Fields(2007), Pendulum Plane (2008), and Live Wire (2008), have been published internationally, from Time Magazine to Wired.

Their current projects include a 16 story residential tower in Taipei, Taiwan, commercial master plan of a resort in Ningbo, China, media offices in Los Angeles, a residence in New York, and several architectural installations in Taipei and Los Angeles.

最近完成的项目有:2010年–装置艺术reALIze,将1400个拳击套挂在空中,组成拳王阿里的头像;此外还有在台北的公共艺术装置Anemone。2011年在洛杉矶完成了SCI-Arc毕业典礼临时大亭Netscape。以前的项目还有Density Fields(2007), Pendulum Plane (2008), Live Wire (2008), 通过时代周刊面向国际进行了发表。


To link to Netscape ,SCI-Arc Graduation Pavilion 2011  please click  点击我到达2011年SCI-Arc毕业典礼临时大亭页面


To link to reALIze please click  点击我到达拳王阿里的肖像页面


▼ORDOS 100 #23


▼Live Wire


▼Pendulum Plane


▼(left)Anemone(right)16 story residential tower   Taipei



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