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世界上有趣,创新的事务所及工作室在一个怎样的环境中以怎样的模式进行工作?OFFICE FACT 办公室真相专辑第十二辑,gmp.


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gooood为您奉上<OFFICE真相>专辑。这是第十二辑,gmp – von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Architects。

What do the most interesting and innovative design offices in the world look like?
OFFICE FACT reveals the woking method and the environment of them for you. This is the No.12, gmp – von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Architects.

非常感谢gmp予gooood分享以下内容。更多精彩gmp on gooood
Appreciation towards gmp for providing the following description:

“为环境设计问题寻求合理的解决方案,首先要将自己的立场植入变化的外界条件中, 做好对话的准备。而最终我们将要建造何种形式的建筑以及如何建造,取决于所处复杂的社会、政治、文化环境和经济体制。作为建筑师,我们有义务和责任面对这种对话,并带着自己的理念参与到对话过程中来。”

“The development of appropriate and acceptable answers and solutions for problems demands an openness for dialogue and the adaptation of one‘s standpoint to changing conditions. Society and its complex political and economic mechanisms decide what is being built in what fashion. We architects have not only the obligation, but the responsibility to lay ourselves open to this dialogue and take part in the discussions with a firm conviction.”
—Meinhard von Gerkan, Volkwin Marg



gmp是少数进行全方位设计的建筑师事务所之一, 其对建筑项目从方案设计到施工建造直至室内装修全面负责。gmp的建筑理念遵循了古罗马建筑学理论家维特鲁威的三准则:实用、坚固、美观。建筑之所以被赋予坚固持久的意义,在于它不仅是一个以适当材料构成的供人遮风避雨的场所,还是一个在设计上不辩自明的容纳丰富多样的人类行为的外壳。基于对此点的认知,gmp 成功的在世界各地不同的文化背景下从事设计建造,赢得了业主们的认同。




目前gmp除了德国以外还在中国、印度、越南、巴 西、意大利、西班牙、俄罗斯、拉脱维亚、卢森堡和土耳其等国家和地区承担了建筑项目的设计任务。

von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Architects

The architectural practice von Gerkan, Marg and Partners was founded by Meinhard von Gerkan and Volkwin Marg in 1965. Since its inception it has grown to include four additional partners and one partner for China, eleven associate partners and more than 500 employees in thirteen cities in Germany and abroad.

gmp is one of the few practices with a generalist position, taking responsibility for a project from the design idea and its realization right through to the interior design. Their architectural interpretation is characterized by the Vitruvian ideals of solidity, longevity and beauty. Based on the understanding, architecture earns the quality of sustainability in the sense of permanence, when not only the climatic conditions and the corresponding use of materials are accounted for, but also when the house, as an envelope for the diversity of human existence, is designed in an obvious manner. Above and beyond these demands, they build in different cultural circles in accordance with certified guidelines and in consultation with the client.

In more than 50 years, Meinhard von Gerkan, Volkwin Marg and their partners have planned and constructed buildings in most major German cities. They have designed small scale homes, hotels, museums, theaters and concert halls, office buildings, commercial centers and hospitals as well as research, educational and sports facilities, buildings for transportation, trade and industry buildings and master plans.

gmp became internationally known as a team of airport architects when, in 1975, the Berlin Tegel building, with its drive-in airplane terminal for “stacked parking”, was established. This innovative design has been further developed to transform the departure and arrival halls at Stuttgart and Hamburg airports. They are internationally recognized for their projects like the New Trade Fair in Leipzig, the Rimini Exhibition Center or the Christ Pavilion for the EXPO 2000, the reconstruction and roofing of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin or Berlin Central Station, which was completed in 2006.

gmp has succeeded in winning more than 690 prizes in national and international competitions, among them more than 350 first prizes and a large number of awards for exemplary architecture. To date, more than 390 buildings designed by gmp have been constructed. Amongst others in China, the exhibition and convention centers in Nanning and Shenzhen, the Shanghai Pudong Museum and the Zhongguancun Cultural Center in Beijing as well as the Universiade Sports Center in Shenzhen and the Oriental Sports Center in Shanghai have been built. Additional buildings are the grand theaters in Chongqing, Qingdao and Tianjin as well as the Chinese National Museum in Beijing and the new Tianjin West Railway Station. Completed projects in Hanoi /Vietnam include the National Conference Center (2006), the Hanoi Museum (2010) and the Vietnamese National Assembly Building (2015). In South Africa, the practice designed three stadiums, in Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth, which were used for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. For the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil gmp designed the stadiums in Brasília and Manaus. Current projects by the practice include cultural buildings such as Kunsthalle Mannheim and the conversion of the Culture Palace in Dresden, sports buildings such as the Bernabéu stadium for the Spanish football club Real Madrid and the City of Hamburg’s application to host the Olympic Games (2024/2028). Von Gerkan, Marg and Partners have demonstrated town-planning competence with their urban design studies for “Stuttgart 21”, HafenCity Hamburg and “Bucharest 2000”, as well as many urban design projects in China, including the planning of Lingang New City for 1.3 million inhabitants.

As well as in Germany, gmp is currently involved in projects in China, India, Vietnam, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Russia, Latvia, Luxembourg, Turkey and other countries.

创始合伙人/合伙人 Founding partners & Partners

027offic-fact-11-gmp (26)



终究,我们是要把房子建成一座尽可能耐久地,理所当然地为其内部丰富多彩的人类活动所服务的外壳。对于时髦的建筑现象,我们持批评态度并保持距离,以避免在作品中出现那些只是出于艺术上的随意性,而与功能,结构以及使用性能无关的表现主义的形式。那种走极端化的纯粹主义,表现在图纸上为拒绝提供信息, 在建筑上则为形式的酸涩贫乏,与我们是格格不入的。我们所指的,是一种使人信服的、不证自明的简洁性。这种简洁性同时必须能够对设计任务和所在地特点所引起的不协调的因素进行消化融合。在对话设计论的基础上,我们的建筑设计行为所依循的理念是:

· 简洁性
· 多样统一性
· 独特性
· 条理分明的秩序


Our ideal is to design in such a reduced form, that the results endure content and time. Formal restriction and uniformity of materials contribute to this standpoint because we understand obviousness as a categorical imperative.

We want to design a house simply as a statement, to form it as a durable cover for the variety of human existence. With a critical distance from recent architectural expressions, we try to avoid expressionist forms which are only derived from artistic caprice, without reference to use, construction and functionality. The me- dia renames this traditional simplicity as “new” simplicity. This purism carried to extremes, expressed as a denial of information in drawings and as severely barren buildings, remains alien to us. We want a reduction which is based on plausibility and self-evidence and has to integrate supposed stylistic inconsistencies provoked by building task and site. For the conception of buildings and interiors the positions of dialogical design are relevant as the guidelines of our architectural understanding:

· Simplicity
· Variety and uniformity
· Distinctiveness
· Structural order

办公室 offices

029offic-fact-11-gmp (26)

▽ 总部 Headquarters

Elbchaussee 139, Hamburg

Elbchaussee 139, Hamburg

Elbchaussee 139, Hamburg

▽ 上海办公室 Shanghai office


▽ 北京办公室 Beijing office

CYTS Hauptsitz, Beijing   CYTS Hauptsitz, Beijing

gmp B黵o, CYTS Hauptsitz, Beijing

▽ 柏林办公室 Berlin office

Haus Hardenberg, Berlin (gmp-Buro)

▽ 法兰克福办公室 Frankfurt office

035offic-fact-11-gmp Frankfurt

展览 Exhibitions

Kiến trúc trong đối thoại – Công ty kiến trúc von Gerkan, Marg và thành viên

Diseñando en Diálogo – La arquitectura de von Gerkan, Marg und Partner
MAC (Contemporáneo艺术博物馆) Quinta Normal, 智利,圣地亚哥

From Cape Town to Brasília – New Stadiums by gmp

Auf alten Fundamenten – Bauen im historischen Kontext: Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner

Choreographie der Massen. Im Sport. Im Stadion. Im Rausch.

Desenhando em Diálogo – Respostas Arquitetônicas

Response and Responsibility——Works by von Gerkan, Marg and Partners and their Academy for Architectural Culture (aac)

Touring exhibition:Designing in Dialogue – The Architecture of von Gerkan, Marg and Partners

Too good. Two. Be true:Blueprints for the future:the airports Berlin-Tegel and Berlin-Brandenburg by von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Architects
第14届威尼斯建筑双年展主题展 , 本博宫,意大利,威尼斯

On Old Foundations – Building in a historical context –
von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Architects
在历史基奠之上——建造历史文脉 冯•格康,玛格及合伙人建筑师事务所

Aus freier Hand – Meinhard von Gerkan, 50 Jahre Architektur in Zeichnungen und Skizzen

出版 Publications

From Cape Town to Brasília-New Stadiums by gmp

Falk Jäger (ed.):3 Stadia 2010-Architecture for an African Dream
福克•雅各 (主编): 2010年的三座体育场——为非洲之梦而建

Falk Jäger (ed.):Next 3 Stadia – Warsaw, Bucharest, Kiev
福克•雅各 (主编):即将建成的三座体育场——华沙,布加勒斯特,基辅

Volkwin Marg (Hrsg.):für die Akademie der Künste, Berlin-Choreographie der Massen.-Im Sport. Im Stadion. Im Rausch.
福尔克温•玛格 (主编):为柏林艺术学院所编-人群的舞蹈。-之于运动。之于体育场。之于喧嚣。

Designing in Dialogue-The Architecture of von Gerkan, Marg and Partners
gmp /《 城市•环境•设计》杂志社/辽宁科学技术出版社

Volkwin Marg (ed.) and Gert Kähler :On Old Foundations – Building in a historical context – von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Architects
福尔克温•玛格 (主编) 和格特•凯勒: 在历史基奠之上——建造历史文脉 冯•格康,玛格及合伙人建筑师事务所
Dölling und Galitz出版社,慕尼黑,汉堡

Falk Jäger (ed.): 3+1 Stadia for Brazil Belo Horizonte – Manaus – Brasília – Rio de Janeiro
福克•雅各 (主编): 3+1巴西体育场 美景市–马瑙斯–巴西利亚–里约热内卢

Jürgen Tietz: Meinhard von Gerkan – Vielfalt in der Einheit / Biografie in Bauten 1965–2015 Die autorisierte Biografie
于尔根•蒂茨: 曼哈德•冯•格康 统一中的多样性/建筑传记 1965–2015 官方传记

项目 Projects

Since the inception of the architectural practice in 1965, 390 buildings have been realized. 130 projects are in course of construction,
65 are at planning stage.

028offic-fact-11-gmp (26)

▽ 柏林泰格尔机场,德国/ Berlin Tegel Airport, Germany

001offic-fact-11-gmp (1)

▽ 莱比锡新会展大厅,德国/New Trade Fair, Leipzig, Germany

002offic-fact-11-gmp (2)

▽ 2000年汉诺威世博会基督教馆,德国/Christ Pavilion, EXPO 2000, Hanover, Germany

003offic-fact-11-gmp (3)

▽ 临港新城,中国/Lingang New City, China

004offic-fact-11-gmp (4)

▽ 里米尼会展中心,意大利/New Trade Fair, Rimini, Italy

005offic-fact-11-gmp (5)

▽ 柏林奥林匹克体育场,德国/Berlin Olympic Stadium, Germany

006offic-fact-11-gmp (6)

▽ 柏林中央火车站,德国/Berlin Central Station, Germany

007offic-fact-11-gmp (7)

▽ 古纳别墅,拉脱维亚,丘马拉/Guna Villa, Jurmala, Riga, Latvia

008offic-fact-11-gmp (8)

▽ 汉堡机场第一二航站楼,德国/Terminal 1 and 2 of Hamburg Airport, Hamburg, Germany

009offic-fact-11-gmp (9)

▽ 重庆大剧院,中国/Grand Theater, Chongqing, China

010offic-fact-11-gmp (10)

▽ 河内博物馆,越南/Hanoi Museum, Vietnam

011offic-fact-11-gmp (11)

▽ 中国航海博物馆,中国,临港新城/Maritime Museum, Lingang New City, China

012offic-fact-11-gmp (12)

▽ 上海浦东保利广场,中国/Poly Plaza, Shanghai Pudong, China

013offic-fact-11-gmp (13)

▽ 青岛大剧院,中国/Qingdao Grand Theater, China(点击蓝色链接查看更多, click here to read more)

014offic-fact-11-gmp (14)

▽ 开普敦体育场,南非/Cape Town Stadium, South Africa(点击蓝色链接查看更多, click here to read more)

015offic-fact-11-gmp (15)

▽ 中国国家博物馆,北京/National Museum of China, Beijing, China(点击蓝色链接查看更多, click here to read more)

016offic-fact-11-gmp (16)

▽ 上海东方体育中心,中国/SOSC, Shanghai, China(点击蓝色链接查看更多, click here to read more)

017offic-fact-11-gmp (17)

▽ 巴西利亚国家体育场,巴西/National Stadium, Brasília, Brazil(点击蓝色链接查看更多, click here to read more)

024offic-fact-11-gmp (24)

▽ 深圳大运会体育中心,中国/Inauguration of the Sports Center, Shenzhen, China(点击蓝色链接查看更多, click here to read more)

019offic-fact-11-gmp (19)

▽ 深圳大运会宝安体育场, 中国/2011 Universiade in Shenzhen-Bao’an stadium(点击蓝色链接查看更多, click here to read more)

018offic-fact-11-gmp (18)

▽ 天津西站,中国/Tianjin West Railway Station in Chinese(点击蓝色链接查看更多, click here to read more)

020offic-fact-11-gmp (20)

▽ 天津大剧院,中国/Grand Theater Tianjin, China(点击蓝色链接查看更多, click here to read more)

021offic-fact-11-gmp (21)

▽ 深圳市软件产业基地,中国/Software Industry Base, Plot 1, Shenzhen, China(点击蓝色链接查看更多, click here to read more)

025offic-fact-11-gmp (25)

▽ 上海漕河泾现代服务业集聚区三塔办公楼,中国/3Cubes Office Building, Shanghai, China(点击蓝色链接查看更多, click here to read more)

026offic-fact-11-gmp (26)

▽ 2014年FIFA世界杯 亚马逊竞技场,马瑙斯,巴西/FIFA WC 2014 Arena da Amazônia, Manaus, Brazil(点击蓝色链接查看更多, click here to read more)

Arena da Amazônia, Manaus, Brasilien

▽ 上海SOHO复兴广场/Completion of SOHO Fuxing Lu, Shanghai, China(点击蓝色链接查看更多, click here to read more)

027offic-fact-11-gmp -8

▽ 光华路SOHO2/Guanghualu SOHO 2, Beijing, China(点击蓝色链接查看更多, click here to read more)

027offic-fact-11-gmp -2

▽ 杜塞尔多夫莱茵芭蕾排练厅/Ballett am Rhein(点击蓝色链接查看更多, click here to read more)

Ballett am Rhein - Balletthaus Düsseldorf

▽ 德国雷姆巴赫马丁·路德学校改建扩建工程/Martin Luther School at Rimbach(点击蓝色链接查看更多, click here to read more)

027offic-fact-11-gmp -4

▽ 汉诺威德国会展中心19/20号展厅/Exhibition Hall 19/20 of Deutsche Messe, Hanover(点击蓝色链接查看更多, click here to read more)

027offic-fact-11-gmp -5

▽ 中国人寿数据中心/Data Center of China Life Insurance in Shanghai(点击蓝色链接查看更多, click here to read more)

027offic-fact-11-gmp -6

▽ 法兰克福市立剧院剧场车间/Theatre Workshops of Städtische Bühnen Frankfurt am Main(点击蓝色链接查看更多, click here to read more)

Werkstätten der "Städtischen Bühnen", Frankfurt

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