Odense Music and Theatre Hall by C.F. Møller Architects

A new interpretation of the ‘City’s Modern Community Centre’.

Project Specs


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“我们可以将Odeon看做是对‘现代城市社区中心’的一种全新解读。这座建筑将承载人们的生活日常、展览活动、音乐会、戏剧和一些重要事件,乃至平时的聚会和用餐等。如今这一关于Odeon的构想已经成为现实,它在社区中扮演着文化生产者的角色。” —— C.F. Møller建筑事务所CEO及项目负责人Klaus Toustrup。

“Now we will really be able to see Odeon as a new interpretation of the ‘City’s Modern Community Centre’. This building will be buzzing with life all week, with exhibitions, concerts, plays and happenings, and with people meeting up for communal meals. Now we can see the vision for Odeon being achieved, as a culture generator for the community,” says Klaus Toustrup, CEO of C.F. Møller and the architect responsible for the Odeon project.


这座新的音乐厅和剧院是一座拥有四个舞台场地的文化中心,其中还包括卡尔•尼尔森音乐学院的教学空间。主礼堂能够容纳约1800名观众,小礼堂容纳约300名观众,另外还有私人音乐室和节奏室。文化中心还包含一间餐厅和能够通往屋顶露台的休闲吧,以及办公室、食堂和地下停车场。项目场地位于Hans Christian Andersen Quarter,附近既有历史街区,也有当代多层住宅。丰富多变的城市景观是该建筑的灵感来源,一系列高低错落的独立洋房与周围的建筑和谐地融为一体。建筑的体量被削减以降低对城市肌理的影响,各种被细分的小型城市空间则分布在音乐厅和剧院周围。

The new music and theatre hall is created to be a cultural power centre with four stages and the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music under one roof. The great hall accommodates approximately 1800 spectators, while the small hall accommodates approximately 300 spectators. There is also a chamber music hall and a rhythmic hall. The Culture centre also has a restaurant, bar/lounge with access to a roof terrace, offices and canteen as well as a parking basement. The site is located in the Hans Christian Andersen Quarter and borders both the historical town and contemporary multi-storey housing. The varied townscape has provided inspiration for the architecture. The development is composed of a number of town houses, the heights of which vary in harmony with the neighbouring buildings. The volume of the building is thus reduced in its impact on the urban fabric, and the subdivision helps create varied and small-scaled urban spaces surrounding the Concert and Theatre Hall.

▼入口立面,entrance facade

▼临街立面,street facade

▼主入口,main entrance

▼户外休息空间,outdoor seating area

▼立面细部,facade detail


Two of the buildings stand out in their solidity: the Great Hall and the Stage Tower. With a luminous white exterior, these form a contrast to the otherwise dark relief facades, and help to bring a sense of identity to the cultural centre. The white surfaces can be used for image projections to tell the surrounding world about the activities in the building. The cultural centre will acquire the character of a city within a city, as the various buildings will be linked by glass-roofed arcades, squares and open spaces which connect with the surrounding neighbourhoods.

▼门厅,the foyer

▼文化中心包含食堂、餐厅等功能,spaces such as the restaurant are included in the Culture centre


The foyer acts as a ‘cultural marketplace’ all day long, and the highly flexible acoustic and functional layout of the great hall, with its basic geometry inspired by the Italian baroque theatres, guarantees a multitude of uses besides concerts and opera, such as dance performances, conferences, fashion shows etc.

▼二层接待柜台,counter on the first floor

▼交通空间,circulation area

▼主礼堂可容纳约1800名观众, the great hall is able to accommodate approximately 1800 spectators

▼地下停车场,parking basement

▼夜景,night view


▼设计草图,design sketch


▼场地平面图,site plan

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

▼四层平面图,third floor plan

▼屋顶平面图,rooftop plan

▼西立面图,west elevation


Client/PFI Group: Odense Municipality (initiators and users)
The Carl Nielsen Academy of Music (users)
H. C. Andersen Congres Centre A/S (owner, operator and user)
Lillebælt Gruppen A/S (contractor)
Architect: C. F. Møller Architects
Landscape Architect: C. F. Møller Architects
Engineers: COWI A/S and Anders Chr. Gade (acoustics)
Collaborators: Maths Nystrøm (theatre technics)
Focus Advokater I/S (legal advice)
Nykredit (finances)
Size: 18500 m2
Address: H. C. Andersen Quarter, Odense, Denmark
Competition year: 2008
Prizes: 2008 1. Prize in Architectural Competition/PFI-Tendering Procedure

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