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Taking a garden home

Project Specs


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Designed for an air force pilot and his doctor wife and teenage daughter, this home in a typical suburb in Colombo. There were no distinguishing features, except for a neighboring paddy field, that its key feature was the existence of paddy fields.

▼建筑外观,exterior view


The house has been kept inward looking, except to open it up to the paddy views. As there are wall to wall construction. A key feature of the house encompasses a giant spiral staircase that descends into a lush topical gardens,which forms the core or nucleus of the house. The residents at the bedroom level, look over tree tops and greenery, even within the home.

▼特别设计的带状天窗为室内带来充足的光照,specially designed strips of skylight bring in a lot of filtered day light into the house

▼螺旋楼梯下降至室内花园,the spiral staircase descends into the internal garden

▼楼梯鸟瞰,aerial view of the staircase

▼楼梯细部,detailed view



The couple had high stress jobs that required a home that would enable them to feel quite cut away from their daily stresses. While the plot area was limited the idea was to create an internal garden that would connect high volume central core with the borrowed views of the paddy fields beyond,creating a perception of a vast green space, even in a limited area. A service pantry and kitchen wing and the living and dining wing are connected by the courtyard which forms the nucleus of the house. The core of the house is comprised of an internal garden more a jungle in effect.

▼通过主卧室的窗户可以直接望见室内花园的景象,master bed room windows, overlooking the inner garden


The lower level comprises of the following:  Living Area, Dining area, pantry, servants room and visitor bed rooms with bathrooms.  The upper level comprises of the following: TV/family room, stores/utility room, Master bed room and two other bed rooms. A specially designed strips of skylight bring in a lot of filtered day light into the house.

▼室内花园、室内空间以及周围自然环境的关系,connections between inner garden, internal spaces of the house and the surrounding views of the playfield

▼餐厅,view of the dining area


The house is distinguished by a brick red that makes it stand out from a distance and also grounds it in a way.

▼装有低辐射玻璃的屋顶,view of the roof with low-e glass skylights

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

▼二层平面图,upper floor plan



Project details :
Architects: Palinda Kannangara architects
Photo credit : Sebastian Posingis
Structural: Mr. Rajapaksa
Site Area: 2730 sq.ft.
Built Area: 1770sq.ft.
Gross floor area : 3000 sqft
Client: Mr. Banuka Delgahagoda
Cost of Construction: 15 Million
Year of Completion 2017

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