Happy B-day ~ ! gooood

Happy eighth birthday to gooood and best wishes to our friends who are supporting our work.

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gooood greets its eighth birthday today and it has been four years and a half since it was operated as a company.
We have to say thank you to our friends and readers, for your generous help, critical advices, supports and suggestions.
We also have to say thank you to everyone in gooood’s team. They are talented and enthusiastic, making significant contribution to the website.

gooood has been continuing to expand exponentially this year. The peak monthly visit broke 14 million, while the count for a year is over a hundred and fifty million. With more than 4.2 million readers spreading all over the world, gooood has been recognized as one of the leading architecture, landscape, design, and art websites globally. It is also the most influential and popular architecture, landscape, design, and art internet media platform in China.

This year, we started to use the new domain name of www.gooood.cn. As we are developing rapidly, our previous server reached its limit, resulted in failure to access our website for part of our readers. Thus we decided to rebuild the website to provide superior experience for our readers all over the world. The new system will come into service in the near future.

From made in China to create in China, gooood will focus on our work and keep on moving forward with an open mind.

To our friends who are supporting gooood, and to our contributors, good luck and best wishes!

Chinese text by Xiangling, Founder of gooood
English text by Chen Nuojia




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