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▼建筑远景,A Perspective of the Building

▼位于河边的Nordea新总部,the Nordea headquarters sited near the river

Working environments are changing worldwide, and employees constantly become more and more flexible and mobile. When you want information to move fast and flexibly across an organization and simultaneously secure healthy workplaces where employees thrive, architecture is one of the most important instruments. Clients visiting the new Nordea headquarters will meet a transparent sustainable building that buzzes with teamwork and innovation.

▼建筑正面一览,the view of the building facade

▼建筑侧面以及外部露台,the facade of building with exterior terrace

▼从街道看棱角分明的建筑侧面,the angular building from the street

▼建筑入口,the entrance of the Building

▼建筑入口挑檐,building entrance provocation

▼建筑外立面细节,the detail of the acade

Nordea新总部拥有两个令人难忘的中庭空间。其中一间为斯堪的纳维亚半岛最大的交易大厅,可容纳 600名交易员,并可以观赏到AmagerFælled的自然风光。而另一间中庭则成为了客户与员工之间的互动场所。两个中庭的区域让建筑变得开放自由,如同城市中的公共空间,人们在这里相遇、共进午餐以及参加非正式会议,同时也是各个部门开展内部活动的好地方。

Nordea’s new head office is home to two impressive atrium spaces. One houses Scandinavia’s largest trading floor with 600 traders working with scenic views of the nature of Amager Fælled. The other atrium is the framework for lively interactions between clients and employees. Both atriums open up the building with large city-like spaces where people meet across the organization, have lunch, engage in informal meetings and get a sense of in-house activities across floors and departments.

▼其中一个中庭为斯堪的纳维亚半岛最大的交易大厅,可容纳 600名交易员,one houses Scandinavia’s largest trading floor with 600 traders working

▼另一个中庭为公共空间,人们在这里相遇、共进午餐以及参加非正式会议,people meet across the organization have lunch, engage in informal meetings in another atruim


成功的工作场所|A Successful Workplace

成功的工作场所能够让员工无限制地自由定制他们的工作空间。同时室内的气候和自然采光也对人员的健康、工作效率和工作满意度起着至关重要的作用。在新的Nordea总部内,员工没有永久性的工位。 这里拥有一系列灵活多样的房间、项目桌、“电话亭”空间以及立即用工作空间,这一切设计都促进了员工可以全天候在不同的工作环境之间切换。在靠近外墙的区域,设计师布置了专注空间,打造出如同在AmagerFælled里工作的感觉。 通过外立面的设计,设计师将工作空间的日光系数保持为2%,这样就可以大大地节省能源,还可以增加员工的舒适度和幸福感。交易大厅的通风地板为室内提供了最佳的空气质量和制冷效果,这种系统可以直接集成到桌面,引导热量从贸易地板计算机中进行回收。

▼简洁干练的交易大厅顶棚,simple and competent trading floor ceiling

▼明亮温馨的公共空间中庭顶棚,bright and welcoming public event atrium ceiling

A successful workplace is characterized by its ability to offer employees a broad range of solutions for them to individually tailor their workday without restrictions. We also know that the indoor climate and access to natural daylight is essential for health, performance and job satisfaction.In the new Nordea headquarters, employees do not have permanent workstations. A range of flexible rooms, multi-rooms, project tables, ‘phone booths’ and touch-down workspaces facilitate the mobility of employees throughout the day offering them to shift between varying working situations. Close to the facades, we have placed office spaces for focused work – creating a feeling of almost working on Amager Fælled. Through the façade design, we have ensured that workspaces have a daylight factor of 2 %. This results in energy savings and in addition lead to comfort and well-being. A ventilated floor in the trading floor secures optimal air quality and cooling directly integrated into desktops guides heat away from trader floor computers recycling the heat.

▼内部采光良好的入口大厅,entrance hall with a good lighting

▼入口细节,the detail of the entrance


On balconies ─ zones between the facade and the open atrium spaces, we have placed coffee stations and a range of the more informal work zones. Access to smaller, closed spaces with the possibility to meet more remote colleagues is a significant factor in securing the exchange of knowledge across an organization.

▼阳台区域布置了咖啡厅和非正式的工作区,the balcony placed coffee stations and a range of the more informal work zones

▼阳台的咖啡茶座成为员工之间重要的交流空间,the coffee station on the balcony becomes an important communication space between employees


In this way, employees in the new Nordea headquarters have the possibility to define and vary their workday in a healthy and sustainable environment. Participation, flexibility, and well-being lead to independence and job involvement.

▼夜幕下的建筑远景,A Perspective of the Building in the evening

▼场地平面,the site plan

▼建筑平图,the plan


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