“Night Vision” and “Crimson and Scarlet” by Wenkai Mao

Emotional light shadows.

Project Specs

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夜景 Night Vision 

“Night Vision” 是一个架上绘画系列,材料是纸上铅笔,最终的呈现加上了后期的软件调整。我采取了黑白绘画的形式,为的是强调光影本身制造的氛围。这个系列中的场景,都带有强烈的超现实气息,却并没有太多超现实的元素,模糊了现实和想象的界线。我希望以最细微的力道,最大程度地调动观者的感官和情绪。

“Night Vision” is a graphite drawing series. I also used photoshop just to make the black deep enough for the final presentation(graphite drawings always look way lighter than they actually are when scanned by scanner). In this project, I tried to depict a series of imaginary scenes with surrealistic atmosphere, but also could really happen in real life. It is an attempt to blur the gap between reality and dreams. I want to instill the deepest feelings in the viewers, in the subtlest way possible.


深红与绯红 Crimson and Scarlet 

“Crimson and Scarlet”是一个实验性质的电脑绘画系列,或多或少是上一个“Night Vision”系列的延续。我尝试使用有限的色彩搭配,和戏剧性的光影,表现了一系列场景。在这其中我省略了许多无用的细节,人物也都高度简化。它是我对于电脑绘画语言的一次新的探索。电脑绘画常常被诟病很难具有真实材料的质感。但它也同时具有属于自己的完全不同的气质和可能性,值得插画师们更多地去探索和创造。

“Crimson and Scarlet” is an experimental digital painting series. The visual language I used in this project is something I never tried before. It is my attempt to explore the possibilities of digital art, which is a completely different world from art made with real materials. I used limited colors and dramatic lightings to depict a series of imaginary scenes and spaces. The figures and structures in these painting are highly simplified, just to free the viewers’ eyes from meaningless details, and give them more space to emerge themselves in the atmosphere I tried to create.

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