New Name and Visual Identity for the Norwegian State Railways by Snøhetta

To manifest the NSB’s shared ambition to create better mobility services for the future

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Snøhetta has developed a new brand name and visual identity for the Norwegian State Railways, NSB. The aim is to unify all aspects of its passenger transport business under one, common brand name that better communicates the company’s vision for the future of mobility.


NSB has gone through substantial changes in recent years and finds that the company’s name is no longer suitable for its business. Founded in 1883, the company has previously been responsible for the entire Norwegian railway operations. Today, the company is responsible for travelers, but does not manage or own the rails, signaling systems, stations or trains. The company is also the largest bus operator in Norway through the Nettbuss division. Additionally, the NSB Group operates both buses and trains in Sweden, and electric city cars in Norway, making it a diversified mobility provider.

▼新品牌名称和视觉形象旨在将客运业务的各个方面统一起来,the aim of the development is to unify all aspects of its passenger transport business under one, common brand name


新的观点 | A New Outlook


In order to communicate its current operations in a better way, and to manifest the company’s shared ambition to create better mobility services for the future, NSB will introduce a new, common brand name for all its personal transport operations; Vy.


The word vy stems from the French word vue, derived from voir, which means “to see”. In Norwegian it has a similar meaning; a view, a perspective, an outlook, or a vision. The name brings associations to the fundamentals of travelling – to see new things, to get new perspectives and to broaden one’s horizon. It’s reminiscent of childhood memories, of looking out of a train window and seeing the landscape pass by at terrific speed. Or the daily routine of sitting in the train or on the bus, glancing up at the sky, being in motion while the point of view appears to be constant.



▼网页和app设计,website and app design

▼字体设计,type design

▼设计过程,design process


Timeline: 2018 – 2019
Status: Ongoing
Location: Norway
Collaborators: Website and App Design
Collaborators: Type Design
Letters of Sweden
Presentation view

More:Snøhetta。更多关于他们: Snøhetta on gooood

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