An experiment on the relationship between the hotel and the city. The “bridge” is the theme and the solution

Project Specs

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The Origin


The project is located at Caojiadu, Shanghai, with St. Michael’s Cathedral in the front and a residential garden facing Suzhou Creek in the back. Our goal is to create a comfortable but dramatic space in between two high rises while keeping the building’s original massing and form unchanged.

▼酒店外观,external view of the hotel ©苏圣亮

Processed with VSCO with v8 preset原建筑层高低矮,大堂十分压抑。我们决定将首层地板全部打开,形成一个上下通高的大洞穴,并临空架起一座小拱桥。桥下是完全开放的,是城市向内的延伸。酒店则藏在桥的彼岸,和城市保持距离。桥是空间的中心,过桥就像完成一个仪式,被桥下注视,也被两侧的房间窥视。

The problems of the original structure are its low floor height and repressive basement. Hence, we opened up the entire first floor to form a continuous vertical space with a bridge in the bridge. Underneath the bridge is an inner extension of the city; across from the bridge is the hotel, at a distance to the clamour. Walking across the bridge therefore becomes the visual center, a sense of ritual as well as the theme of the hotel.

▼大堂空间概览,上下通高,overall view of the double-height lobby ©苏圣亮


The River bank and Waterfall


Spaces and materials are expressed based upon the story of “bridge.” It is intended to create a waterfall facade impression in the concrete urban context. The curtain wall is by glass bricks, the which balance the privacy and lightness.

▼立面草图和建造过程示意,sketch of the facade and construction process ©XING DESIGN

▼改造后的酒店立面,由玻璃砖组成,facade of the hotel after renovation composed by glass bricks ©上:苏圣亮,下:XING DESIGN


“Water fall” is carried through both exterior and interior design, in which various materials and finishes expressed different conditions of movement: falling water, underwater and at the bank. The water current is also implied within each room: the walls of bathrooms are made of handmade azure glazed tiles and watermark glass, reflecting the soft movement of river onto the walls.

▼大堂设计草图,design sketch of the lobby ©XING DESIGN

▼入口连接下层空间的楼梯,stairs connecting the entrance and the lower space ©苏圣亮

▼下层餐厅和活动空间,桥横跨空间上方,restaurant and event space on the lower floor with a bridge stretching above ©XING DESIGN

▼纹理混凝土表现桥上的瀑布,textured concrete reflecting the waterfall above the bridge ©XING DESIGN

▼水纹材料表现桥下水面,water wave material reflecting water under the bridge ©XING DESIGN

▼上层空间,桥连接前台和起居厅,upper space, bridge connecting the reception and the lounge ©XING DESIGN

▼不同表面的混凝土材料细部,material details of concrete with different finishing ©XING DESIGN

▼起居厅,玻璃砖透光而私密,lounge, glass bricks letting in the light while keeping privacy ©XING DESIGN


Drama, Practicism and Construction


Solving the layout of rooms is a game with existing pipes and wires. In order to achieve maximum floor height, the original concrete is exposed nakedly. The bathrooms and air-conditioning pipelines are inserted as integral boxes. Most importantly, no louver can be found within the entire building as they all hide within the gaps between materials.

▼客房,所有风口都藏在材料接缝里,guest room, all louver hidden within the gaps between materials ©苏圣亮


The mullion walls on the southern façade contain two operable windows which are specifically designed to maintain a complete water-falling appearance when opened. Other details in the rooms include: openings on the balcony wall and two overlooking rooms above the bridge, as well as a triangular mirrored window expanding one’s visual experience of a tiny space.

▼整面取景窗化解小空间,space expanded by the panoramic window ©上/下右:XING DESIGN,下左:苏圣亮


There are a few surprising setup in the hotel: a mirror periscope window in the darkest room reflecting the exterior landscape; little openings in the courtyards where can handshake with neighbors; strip windows people can peek at the bar and bridge, etc.

▼客房细部,details of the guest rooms ©XING DESIGN

▼楼梯和细部,staircase and details ©XING DESIGN

▼夜晚酒店中隐秘而有趣的空间,private and interest space in the hotel in the night ©XING DESIGN

▼一层平面图,first floor plan ©XING DESIGN

▼标准层平面图,typical floor plan ©XING DESIGN

▼细部,details ©XING DESIGN

项目名称:桥酒店 NEOBRIDGE
设计方:XING DESIGN 行之建筑设计事务所
建筑面积:1800 m²

Project Name: NEOBRIDGE
Contact e-mail:
Design & Completion Year: 2019-2020
Leader Designer & Team: Xing Xiong (Lead Architect), Qichen Cao, Mo Chen, Sheng Lei, Qingyu Cai, Lei Zhang, Ziai Huang, Wenxuan Huang, Yilan Tao, Yuan Tao, Xuezi Li, Lu Yue (Visual), Yuchu Wang (Model)
Project Location: 59 Wanhangdu Rd, Putuo District, Shanghai, China
Gross Built Area: 1800 m²


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