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sculptural body of the building

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The museum consists of two floors, each measuring some 10,000 square metres. The roof of the ground floor consists of supports, joists and a horizontal ceiling. Fields of beams structure the room without subdividing it. The interior is completely open to the outside. All of the walls can be moved; they have no load bearing function. Some areas are surrounded by translucent walls, others are closed off by furniture.

The entire area of the upper floor is completely open, allowing maximum flexibility for exhibitions; not a single support or wall interrupts the open expanse.

The vaulted ceiling creates height and depth, width and narrowness, and areas with varying degrees of light. As on the ground floor, these variations are part of an architectural whole, of a single, seamlessly differentiated spatial unit.

The visual and semiotic impact of the architecture is concentrated on the interior of the museum, not on the exterior shell or sculptural body of the building. Hence, the Museum of Modern Art represents a fundamental departure not only from the old Palace of Culture but also from the architecture of many other contemporary museum projects.










Poland, 2006-2012
Location:Warsaw, Poland.
Competition 1st prize.
Building permit application 2011.
Main Team Member :Christian Kerez  Thomas Thalhofer, Gilles Retsin, Michael Haller, Joanna Skorzynska.
Mechanical and electrical engineer: HL Technik Polska, Krysztof Wojtkowiak,HL Technik München, Klaus Daniels.
Structural engineer: Firma Projektowa Wanecki sp. Z o.o., Piotr Wanecki, Peter
Knoppik, Bartosz Drwiega
Photo Credit: Christian Kerez , Fabien Schwartz, MIR, Kaspar Helfrich

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