Moving Dunes by NÓS

Mirage in the heart of the downtown area

Project Specs


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Moving Dunes is inspired by the early arts. It is an extension of the temporary exhibit From Africa to the Americas: Face-to-face Picasso, Past and Present, at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA). The plastic approach of cubist painters questions the role of perspective in visual representation. Anamorphosis, which is the distortion of the subject reconfiguring itself according to the position of the body in space, is one of the methods used. Through this process, Moving Dunes introduces the public to the essence of this approach in a playful way.

▼项目外观,external view


By manipulating the street surface, large ripples are generated, recalling the features of a body or a face. Reflective spheres and geometric shapes amplify patterns and multiply points of view. As the observer moves, the street transforms, shapes are reversed, the ground comes alive and destabilizes. Moving Dunes is an experiential mirage in the heart of Downtown Montreal. Along the way, the passer-by discovers the presence of spheres reflecting the different buildings of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, all unique in their architecture and history. Moving Dunes brings together the real and the virtual worlds and awakens the senses.

▼鸟瞰,项目位于蒙特利尔当代艺术博物馆旁的街道上,aerial view, project located on the street beside MMFA

▼顶视图,项目两侧不同风格的建筑,top view, buildings in different styles along the project

▼金属球反射周边环境,spheres reflecting the surrounding environment

蒙特利尔当代艺术博物馆将Du Musée大道上的人行区域激活,使其成为了市民和游客必去的场所。项目的目标是创造一个临时的标志性空间,让行人可以在街道上走动。设计的挑战包括发展与展览主题相关联的设计概念,激活公共人行空间的同时保证紧急车辆的通行,以及在有限的预算下创造高媒体效果的体验。

The MMFA animated the pedestrian area of ​​avenue Du Musée, which has become a must-see for citizens and tourists alike. The goal was to pedestrianize the street and to create a temporary signature layout. Among the challenges encountered were the development of a concept in relation to the theme of the exhibition, the activation of a pedestrian public space while allowing the passage of emergency vehicles, and the creation of an experience with high media impact on a limited budget.

▼供人漫步的梦幻街道,mirage street for people to walk


▼人与项目的互动,people playing in the project


Location: Avenue Du Musee, Montreal
Client: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Designers: Charles Laurence Proulx, Gil Hardy, Negar Adibpour, Jean-Benoit Trudelle
Project manager: Charles Laurence Proulx
Collaborators: MU
Budget: $50 000

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