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Inspired from the shape of the lens, shutter and camera skin cavity

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MOON由摄影师/金浩森和文子/于2009年创立,以摄影的视角分享生活的点滴,“记录你的美好”。新工作室选址杭州滨江,为一个500㎡的空间,由MOON DRINK、金浩森摄影学院、MOON摄影工作室三部分组成。

MOON was founded in 2009 by photographer/Jason and Wen/to share your life from the perspective of photography and “record your beauty”. The new studio is located in BINJIANG HANGZHOU, with a space of 500 square meters and consists of three parts: MOON DRINK, Jinhaosen photography institute and MOON photography studio.

▼建筑一层外观,ground floor exterior view ©邵炜亮

▼门廊,porch ©邵炜亮


The whole space is a 9m high steel structure, the color pressure tile as the skin of the building body, the first floor 6m*16m rectangular space, the second floor 16m*25m square space, how to present the exclusive image of the MOON in this 7-shaped space has become an important issue.

▼一层外景局部,exterior detailed view ©邵炜亮

The lens acts as a channel, refracting material space and filtering through layers to form an optical image.

▼概念分析,design concept ©偏离设计


This case takes the camera as the starting point to build the entire spatial form. At the same time, we propose three questions as the design logic of this case:
1. How to form a highly recognizable visual image and memory point?
2. How to present the current aesthetic standards and brand characteristics?
3. How to control the construction cost and present a strong texture?

▼外立面的“镜头”造型,the “lens” form in the facade ©邵炜亮

空间构思从镜头、快门、相机皮腔出发作为三大基本样式,以此展开延伸,将6m*16m的体块部分作3层划分,依次为:MOON DRINK; 摄影学院;摄影工作室。MOON DRINK区域以大面积的铝板与玻璃作为主要材质以获得极具现代感的空间质感,形成整个品牌的第一视觉体验。

The space conception starts from the lens, shutter and camera skin cavity as three basic styles, which are expanded and extended, and the volume part of 6m*16m is divided into three layers. Photography academy; Photography studio. The MOOM DRINK area uses a large area of aluminum and glass as the main materials to obtain a very modern spatial texture, forming the first visual experience of the whole brand.

▼一层茶饮区,MOON DRINK area ©邵炜亮

▼茶饮区座位,seating area ©邵炜亮

▼茶饮吧台,tea bar

▼吧台细节,details ©邵炜亮


Viewed from the outside at night, the whole ground floor becomes a transparent luminescent body, making the building appear to be suspended and creating a visual effect with strong memory points.

▼夜晚外景,ground floor night view ©邵炜亮


As the main path connecting the three floors, the ladder plays the role of three-dimensional coordinate axis. The straight movement of cuboid blocks presents the continuous state of stairs. In this longitudinal space, we designed a shape lens circular window, so that the longitudinal path has a horizontal view. Meanwhile, the form of the lens brings a sense of peep to the function of the window, forming an interesting second space experience.

▼一层至二层阶梯,stairs leading to 2F ©邵炜亮

▼阶梯座位,the terraced seating area ©邵炜亮

▼二层至三层阶梯,stairs leading to 3F ©邵炜亮


MOON photo studio, in addition to the redundant modelling, leaving a clean white space, give a person with relaxed feeling, in meet the functional requirements, the roof surface cutting out the rectangular skylight, after calculating the ratio, increase in the reception area part white grille to filter the light, the sun through the grille loiter lily-white wall, make the three-dimensional space has a copy of the perception of time, to the original material of the space added a poetic.

▼工作室区域,MOON photo studio ©邵炜亮

▼接待区部分增加白色格栅以过滤光线,the white grille was installed in the skylight to filter light in the reception area ©邵炜亮

▼照片墙,photo wall ©邵炜亮

▼局部,detail ©邵炜亮

▼摄影场景区,photography scenes ©邵炜亮

▼局部,details ©邵炜亮

▼MOON楼层分析,studio levels ©偏离设计

▼1F平面,plan 1F ©偏离设计

▼3F平面,plan 3F ©偏离设计

▼3F平面,plan 3F ©偏离设计

项目名称:MOON Photo Studio
项目地址:中国 杭州

Project name: MOON Photo Studio
Company: DPAA DESIGN Studio
Contact e-mail:
Design Time: September 2019
Completion Time: January 2020
Leader designer: Dao
Team: Xu Junbiao, Li Gang, Qi Shuai qi, Su Rongrong
Project location: Hangzhou, China
Gross Built Area: 500㎡
Construction team: Oulaiyi (hangzhou) decoration co., LTD
Photographer: Shao Weiliang
Writer: Dao
Clients: Hangzhou Wensen cultural creative co. LTD
Material: Aluminum, Terrazzo, Brass, Acrylic
Official Wechat: 偏离设计

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