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Run it! Monstera!

Project Specs

Tim Van De Weerd给gooood分享了这款在在2014荷兰设计周上惊喜亮相的龟背竹花盆。更多请至:Tim Van De Weerd on gooood 

Tim Van De Weerd给他们分别命名“ Monstera Magnifica (exalted) ”意气风发和“Monstera Fugiens (fleeing) ”奔逃。他们的命名可从分别的长腿造型中看出来。这些长着细腿儿,用动作表达性格的花盆具有让“植物获得动物般生命”的魔力。看上起,就像是植物自己长着腿儿在思考或者奔跑。





form the designer:

Fresh approach to plant pots Monstera surprises at the Dutch Design Week 2014

The elegant plant pots  Monstera Magnifica and Monstera Fugiens attracted a lot of attention during the Dutch Design Week 2014 in Eindhoven, making the designer one of the new faces of the Dutch Design Week community.

The Monstera Magnifica (exalted) and Monstera Fugiens (fleeing) are two distinctive plant pots. This is not only because of their elegant legs and high gloss finish. Designer Tim van de Weerd has invented a new “species” of plant pots with his Monstera series; onethat liberates the plant from the windowsill and in which plants can regain their natural freedom, even within the interior. The Monstera-plant pot – with its ornate roots – is an extension of the plant, rather than a separate object (which is also the reason why the pots bear a botanical name). Hereby, the design casts a new light on the otherwise rigid and oppressive traditional plant pot.

Organic and industrial
Designer Tim van de Weerd designed two versions of the Monstera: a high, exalted version, the Monstera Magnifica, and the lower Monstera Fugiens. The fragile-looking legs of both plant pots are made of steel bars. These are bent by hand to become the “roots” of the plant and are molded with industrial, chemical epoxy clay. This approach gives the Monstera design its fragile look, yet it is unexpectedly strong and stable, because of the chosen elaboration.

Tension as a specialization
The tension between the traditional and the technological, between the organic and the industrial – are a specialty of designer Tim van de Weerd. With a keen eye for unexpected and sophisticated details, he designs special furniture, objects and interiors. He opts for the combination of craftsmanship and precision machining, leaving his elegant designs characterized by a fascinating, subtle tension.

The Monstera Magnifica and Monstera Fugiens can be viewed and purchased at the concept store Eindhoven in Utrecht, or by contacting the designer directly at his studio in Vechtclub XL, a creative hotspot in Utrecht.

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