Moniture by Wang He & Liu Yaxi

A range of portable, moveable and easy-assembly furniture for the growing urban nomads.

Project Specs


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在未来,“都市游牧族”的家是什么?沿着对未来的想象,Moniture聚焦不断增长的“都市游牧族”。该项目以模数化的处理办法将边桌、书架、矮凳折入四个可以被随时拎走的手提箱。设计以延展性、伸缩性、轻巧性 为策略, 以天然而原始的木作之美为语言,旨在让人们在最舒适的状态中轻松游走、恣意晃荡,正所谓“你在 哪里家就在哪里”。 设计二人组王赫和刘雅羲本身就是一对勇于“行走江湖”的都市游牧者,厌倦“随大流”和“得过且过”的庸 常态度,热爱用设计语言去捕捉这微小的幸福感。在2017年11月刚刚结束的米兰家具沙龙展(上海),他们将 Moniture的小确幸带给更多的观众,满足了人们对都市游牧族之家的无限想象。该项目被邀请参加2017年米兰家具沙龙展(上海站)。

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In the future, what urban nomads’ home could be? Moniture is a range of portable, moveable and easy-assembly furniture for the growing urban nomads who seek new forms of freedom. In the project, the modularized four suitcases are made from New Zealand Pine, they can be easily transformed into stools, side tables, and even a shelf. The design language is light, warm and chic, aiming to give people the freedom to call entire world their home. Design duo, Wang He and Liu Yaxi who graduated from Central Saint Martins Art and Design School, London, is the typical urban nomads. They are passion to capture the small but certain happiness of life, and deliver it through design item. At Salone del Mobile. Milano Shanghai , 23rd-25th, 2017, they unveiled Moniture to boarder audienc- es. It caused the endless imagination and discussion of the future urban nomads’ home. This project is invited to be presented at Salone del Mobile Shanghai 2017.


The form is originated from a suitcase with all legs set inside. The designer uses New Zealand pinewood, in order to guarantee the portability and also deliver a sustainable message.


It is a side table when used as a single piece. 


It can also be carried out for a afternoon drink.


The leather handle and the brass hinges become a fine touch.


The wood pattern at sides is left during production process, making each single stool unique.


With two or three stools, a rack is easily constructed, for book storage or flower display.

设计公司: Wang He & Liu Yaxi
位置: 中国,北京
材料: 新西兰松木,皮,黄铜等
文章分类: 家具设计 产品设计

Design firm: Wang He & Liu Yaxi
Location: Beijing, China
Materials: New Zealand Pinewood, Leather, Brass
Category: Furniture design Product design
Project Status: Prototype

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