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A monochrome office with a “secret room”

Project Specs


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mode:lina™has a new office in Poznań’s Jeżyce! While mode:lina™’s previous mini-office with a mezzanine was a great hit, as the studio grew the time has come to bring in new members of the team and to increase our office space. We decided to have our new premises in a fully renovated townhouse situated in a trendy and fast developing Poznań neighborhood. The new studio has a simple, minimalistic form with a monochrome palette, consistent with mode:lina™’s visual identity system. The design of the workspace is based on two contrasting black and white parts.

▼办公室概览,an overview of the office


The bright space is where the creative work takes place. It has large desks and work areas for designers. Custom-designed large shared desks allow for an easy transition from individual to teamwork. It was also very important to hide the cords, which were placed inside the desks. Dynamic diagonal lines separate the white part of the office from the black one. This is where the kitchen area and spacious storage units are. The units run along the length of the office and have enough room to hold all of our equipment. There is even an entrance to a secret room! Behind one of the doors lies a hidden bathroom with a shower – not at all noticeable at first glance.

▼白色空间为设计师们准备,the bright work space for designers

▼厨房和储物柜将黑白空间划分开来,the kitchen and storage units separate the white part of the office from the black one


▼浴室隐藏在储物柜的一道门后,behind one of the doors lies a hidden bathroom with a shower



To link the arrangement of the new office with our visual identity system, the designers introduced large logotypes made of acoustic foam, which further increase the acoustic comfort of the space. The rooms which complete the functional programme of our studio are the office of Paweł and Jerzy – mode:lina™’s founders, and the adjacent conference room, where various awards and many copies of publications on mode:lina™’s work have been displayed. The remaining publications with articles on mode:lina™ welcome our guests in the entrance hall.

▼隔音气垫制成的logo提高了声舒适度,the large logotypes made of acoustic foam increase the acoustic comfort of the space

▼工作室创始人的办公室,office of the founders

▼会议室展示着公司获得的众多奖项和刊载过的出版物,various awards and copies of publications on mode:lina™’s work are displayed in the conference room

▼办公室细部,details of the office

▼设计概念,design concept


PROJECT:mode:lina™ – new studio
DESIGN :mode:lina™(
PROJECT TEAM: Paweł Garus, Jerzy Woźniak, Kinga Kin, Małgorzata Szymańska, Anna Kazecka, Natalia Wasicionek, Patryk Lewiński
COMPLETION: August 2017
LOCATION: ul. Słowackiego 20/25 60-823 Poznań
AREA:90 m2
PHOTOS:Patryk Lewiński

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