MINIMA MORALIA / Tomaso Boano & Jonas Prišmontas

Give a range of options to interact with the outside world

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十年之后,伦敦还会是设计和创意之都吗? Will London still be the capital of creativity, arts and crafts in 10 years’ time? 对于伦敦的市民来说,无论是工作还是生活,教育成本和租房费用一路飙高,伦敦人似乎已经进入了这个时代最无情的战场。一直以来,伦敦都在为这座城市的创意人才提供居住之所,可是最近,财政的压力已经迫使这项“创举”变成了一种“事业”,而且这项事业仅仅允许有固定的工作的人和可以承担教育和租房支出的人进入。人的创造性不应该囿于其社会身份,创造的产生来源于人自由意志下的调查,实验,演习和嬉戏。为此,人们需要一个他们承受的起场地。

With the significant increase in educational fees and rental prices, both residential and work spaces, London seems to be heading towards an era of a relentless battlefield for its citizens .
London has always represented a hub for creative minds but recently these financial pressures have turned ‘creativity’ into an industry that can only be joined by people who are able to afford an education and pay the rent without a fixed work income. Creativity should not be linked to a social status. It arises within people and therefore anyone should be granted the opportunity to investigate, experiment, rehearse and play. To do this we need more affordable spaces .


002-MINIMA MORALIA by Tomaso Boano and Jonas Prismontas

▼夜景,night view

010-MINIMA MORALIA by Tomaso Boano and Jonas Prismontas

Minima Moralia就是这样一个具有批判性的装置,一个不带政治目的的理想社会宣言。和Adorno在1951年的著作同名,Minima Moralia也折射出当代伦敦的“破碎生活”。Minima Moralia为生活在伦敦的设计师,画家,音乐家等艺术工作折提供了一个微小如细胞的临时空间。Minima Moralia是一个普适性的设计,可以在伦敦的许多旮旯或者缝隙间被搭建起来。艺术家们会临时的进驻这些Minima Moralia。在伦敦未被使用的公共空间或者私人领域,这些搭建起来的工作室或者小单元,完全有潜力创造一种新形式的创意社区。

Minima Moralia is a critical installation, a manifesto of social hope with no political intention. Inspired by our namesake, T. Adorno 1951’s masterpiece, it investigates and reflects our “damaged lives” in current London condition. Minima Moralia offers tiny, cellular pop-up spaces to be inhabited by designers, sculptors, painters, musicians and other creatives alike. Minima Moralia is a programmatic vision for London’s backyards and interstitial spaces. Each of them will be temporarily occupied by artists. Workshop and live/work studio spaces have potential of creating new typologies for creative communities that would pop up in unused public or private spaces around London.

▼普适性的装置,universal installation



Minima Moralia会参与到艺术社区的形成过程。艺术家带来自己的工具,分享自己的技能。这个紧凑的社区会筛除掉不必要的信息,只有艺术创造最本质的东西才可以被留下来。Minima Moralia同时也是一个社会实验: 设计预留出一个可以从外向内看的缝隙,外面的人们观察到艺术家在里面的创作过程,这个缝隙同时也为艺术家与创作之外的世界互动提供了可能。

Minima Moralia investigates the process of inhabiting a space. Each artist will bring their tool sand have the opportunity to reveal, if reckoned, the secrets of their craft. The tight space will filter out the unnecessary. Only what is essential to produce their art can be hosted and used . Minima Moralia is a social experiment. Itpromoteshumaninteractionandinterconnectionbetweenprivatespacesand public use. London Housing typology often includes green areas and backyards, which are sometimes abandoned or misused. This project is a type of urban acupuncture that targets those places and effectively brings life into them. Minima Moralia interacts with the context. The space allows a glimpse into the creative process and the crafting abilities that take place inside. Openings are designed to give a range of options to interact with the outside world:

▼不同的室内功能,optional interior usage mode

012-MINIMA MORALIA by Tomaso Boano and Jonas Prismontas     013-MINIMA MORALIA by Tomaso Boano and Jonas Prismontas

可以垂直打开的优雅窗户为居住者提供了一种家的感觉。也跟户外“偷看”的人建立了微妙但是又直接的联系。房子另一侧是一个折叠门,同时也可以抬起变成遮阳棚。通过这扇门,外面的人可以看到室内的全貌,同时也在结构和环境之间创造了一个宜居的分水岭。 自然光透过天窗可以进入室内,居住者透过天窗可以看到天空和星辰。 Minima Moralia 的设计在于:模块化钢框架创建一个具有多重内部配置的潜力的空格子。衣架,桌子,人工光源和窗帘可以根据使用者的需要来设计。

The window: an elegant vertical unfolding opening with a “feel at home” quality. It is a subtle but direct contact with the external world allowing people to “take a peek.” The canopy: a folded opening that lifts to reveal one side of the workspace. It fully exposes the internal space and the activity happening within. At the same time it creates an inhabitable threshold between the structure and the surroundings. The skylight: an opening where sunlight flows freely inside. It is a little glimmer of a constant connection with the stars and the sky above. Minima Moralia is a design piece. Modular steel frame creates an empty grid with multiple potential for internal configurations. Shelves, desks, artificial lights and curtains can be provided to meet the user’s needs.


001-MINIMA MORALIA by Tomaso Boano and Jonas Prismontas     003-MINIMA MORALIA by Tomaso Boano and Jonas Prismontas

▼人工光源,artificial lights

007-MINIMA MORALIA by Tomaso Boano and Jonas Prismontas

006-MINIMA MORALIA by Tomaso Boano and Jonas Prismontas     008-MINIMA MORALIA by Tomaso Boano and Jonas Prismontas

▼天窗, skylight / 网格系统, grid

005-MINIMA MORALIA by Tomaso Boano and Jonas Prismontas     004-MINIMA MORALIA by Tomaso Boano and Jonas Prismontas

▼平面和立面,plan and elevation


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