Mini Metro Map by Peter Dovak

The graphics of the metro network around the world.

Project Specs

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Appreciations towards Peter Dovak for providing the following description:

Peter Dovak出生于肯塔基州,居住于华盛顿特区。几年前他发掘了自己对平面设计的热情和潜力,并投身于这一事业中。他制作这一系列地铁地图的初衷是想开发一个iPhone app。虽然并不擅长程序与编码,但对图形设计的热忱促使他坚持完成了这些地铁线路图。

Peter Dovak is born in Kentucky and living in Washington, DC. It was just few years ago, he discovered his passion into graphic design. The origin was an attempt to make an iPhone app years ago. Though coding is not his forte, he continues this project with fun and passion.


北京 Beijing 



巴塞罗那 Barcelona


首尔 Seoul


东京 Tokyo


伦敦 London


巴黎 Paris


All of the graphics have to fit in a 120px circle, and the lines in the graphic have to be 3px wide and with a minimum of another 3px between the next parallel line. Besides, all the diagonals have to be fixed in 45-degrees. The graphics express the full-fledged urban transportation networks. Yet, it is uneasy to simplify all these networks into graphics. Such like Beijing, Tokyo, Paris, Seoul, New York City which have complex networks have been great challenges to meet all the requirements mentioned above, while the result is satisfying and inspiring. The graphics are making the metro maps so recognizable even at a small size.  Small changes have been made since the development of the urban transportation system, and are being updating.

Dubai      。。Shanghai  。。。Xi`an 

Ottawa  。。Hong Kong   。。。Lyon

Berlin 。。。Hamburg  。。。Dublin

Milan     。。。Boston   。。Bangkok

Brussels  。。Budapest Chongqing 


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