Minerva School by Sweco Architects

To provide order through a hierarchical structure and landscape

Project Specs


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Minerva学校是与于默奥大学(University of Umeå)合作创办的一所包含800名学生的预科学校,与于默奥大学园区直接相连。

Minerva Gymnasium is located directly adjacent to the Campus in Umeå. The school is a collage preparatory high school for 800 students and has partnered with the University of Umeå.

▼建筑外观,exterior view


The architectural vision has been developed based on the conditions of the site. The contact with nature is accentuated by durable materials and solutions in the form of raw and neat materials, such as heat-treated wood and stainless steel.

▼建筑使用了经过热处理的木材和不锈钢等耐用材料,raw and neat materials such as heat-treated wood and stainless steel were used to accentuate the contact with nature

▼建筑局部,partial view

▼立面近景,close views to the building

▼与立面结合的遮阳系统,the sun shading system integrated in the building facade


▼平面图,floor plan

The school’s design provides order through a hierarchical structure with social public spaces on the ground floor and school activities on the 2nd and 3rd floor. Each volume has its own identity through form and material. Hidden continuous stairwells bind the different functions of the school. Classrooms and administrative spaces are reached from the core of the school volume, which also holds group rooms and workspaces for all occasions. The interior is pervaded by an open classic minimalist design. Through sight lines and large glass surfaces, the building is perceived as light and transparent. Transparency is enhanced through environmental lighting inside as well as outside.

▼基座部分以玻璃围合,the transparent foundation

▼首层公共空间,social public spaces on the ground floor

▼阶梯教室,lecture room


The school’s volumes rests on the transparent foundation containing the auditorium, café and restaurant. The landscape architecture connects the school environment with nature and reinforces the connection with the building: hard, clean surfaces near the building, through soft rolling functional surfaces on the disguised façade, into the natural landscape. The different shapes and designs of the terraces give a varied experience of the landscape. The school is certified Environmental Building Silver.

▼咖啡厅和餐厅,café and restaurant



▼教室轴测图,classroom axon drawing

Project name: Minerva School
Architect’ Firm: Sweco Architects
Website: www.sweco.se/en
Contact e-mail: peter.westman@sweco.se
Lead Architects: Bo Jonsson & Anna Lundberg
Project location: Umeå, Sweden
Completion Year: 2016
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 6700 m2
Photo credits: Felix Gerlach
Photographer’s website: http://felixgerlach.se/
Other participants
Henrik Folkar, Elizabeth Öhman, Thomas Greindl, Shira Jacobs, Christoffer Andersson, Ylva Tomasdotter, Johan Jeppsson, Stina Nygren, Martin Björklund, Daniel Blomqvist, Jonas Westman
Brands / Products
1. Thermowood / Untreated wood
2. GDK Omega / Metal mesh
3. Fermacell Powerpanel / Cement
4. Essi Serge / Linnen curtains, sunscreen
5. Forbo / Forbo Marmoleum Lineoleum floors
6. Höganäs / Tiles
7. Rockofon / Acoustic plates

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