Millennials at Home Exhibition Design by DWA Design Studio

Translating the idea of a home lived in by Millennials into the 3D of interior design

Project Specs


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在米兰设计周期间展出的“Millennials at Home”展览由Elle Decor Italia和 Onlife共同策划,旨在关注千禧年代的年轻人的生活方式以及他们与居住环境之间的关系。

The point of view put forward by Elle Decor Italia with Onlife. Millennials at Home, the exhibition- installation in the rooms of Palazzo Bovara during Milan Design Week, is linked to the theme of living, the relationship that the young, more digitalised generations have with the home. 米兰,室内设计,Milan,interior


我们基于Francesco Morace和Future Concept Lab提出的“Onlife”概念设计了这一展览空间。Onlife是一个与数字世界紧密关联的维度,它使我们能够定义出20岁至30岁之间的四个年龄群体的生活特征,从而了解它们看待家庭的方式、他们的需求与愿望、以及他们与设计的关系(不仅是从产品功能的角度,还有象征和纪念意义等)。展览中提供了一系列交互式的数字体验,促使年轻人探索生活场景、环保趋势,以及从“放飞自我”到新型生活方式的代际转变。

We started with analysis carried out by Francesco Morace with Future Concept Lab of the concept of Onlife, defined by this sociologist as the dimension where the analogic world increasingly frequently meets the digital world. This enabled us to identify four generational clusters, ranging from twenty year olds to the over-thirties, and gave an idea of how they see the home, their needs and aspirations, their relationship with design, experienced through objects seen not just as functional, but also as icons or memory. Those visiting this exhibition, where the analogic reality of furnishings and objects intersects with interactive digital experiences, meet the young residents, they discover their living scenarios, green tendencies and the generational passage from physical and mental nomadism to stable new forms of residence.

▼引导画廊,the introduction gallery


For translating the idea of a home lived in by Millennials into the 3D of interior design, we work to find a common thread shared by the four generations examined as part of the living dimension. Apparently unconnected evolution mechanisms exist, which we then discovered concealed the presence of two fixed constants: the home and the world, both in strictly physical terms and also in a wider sense of loved ones, ideals, and profession. Therefore, bearing in mind the different value of these two constants, we used four clusters to generate our four Onlife rooms.

▼四个“Onlife”房间分别展示了四个年龄群体的居住观念,four Onlife rooms translating the idea of a home lived in by Millennials into the 3D of interior design


▼摄影棚场景与近乎反乌托邦式的空间形成了一种错位的感觉,photographic sets recreate domestic paradigms in an almost dystopian dystopian dimension

▼公共区域,public area


Associating home living for the young generations with the neoclassical space of Palazzo Bovara has been at the heart of the project’s development. It has been both fascinating and challenging to adapt our narrative to this context. First, we thought it necessary to get away from the space in order to concentrate on the actual story; then, there was the transposition phase. The introduction Gallery, where the exhibition begins, is extricated and separate from the other available spaces. It projects visitors into a different dimension, free from the surrounding environment – with walls in brushed and mirrored aluminium that enlarge the space –, and it helps them to make contact with the inhabitants of the house, the Millennials, through the big screens that converse with them.

▼设计将居住空间与Bovara宫殿的古典元素联系在一起,home living for the young generations are associated with the neoclassical space of Palazzo Bovara


When we went into the specifics of each cluster, we played around with the palazzo’s late eighteenth century halls, turning them into the strong point of the themes dealt with in each area, where the exhibition reveals some historical elements of the rooms: a crystal chandelier, a large fireplace. In the section devoted to the generation of 35-40 year-olds, we organised some photographic sets that recreate domestic paradigms, to then be inserted into an almost dystopian dimension, misaligning time and space, and provoking a sensation that doesn’t allow us to fully understand where artifice begins and ends: is the set reality, or is reality a set?

▼室内细部,detailed view


Driven by their own profession of all-round designers to have their eyes constantly focused on different generations and identities, they have developed a well developed project, aimed at capturing the essence, the differences and the nuances of the Millennials lifestyles and transferring them to the scenarios of Onlife.


Photo: Matteo Imbriani

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