Miguel Bombarda Residential Building by Paula Santos Arquitectura

Houses and garden on a narrow plot

Project Specs


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项目的设计目标是对位于Rua Miguel Bombarda街道上的一栋住宅建筑进行改造和扩建。这里是波尔图最具标志性的道路,沿街设有数座画廊。原有建筑已然显现出破败的迹象,不再适合使用。深长的基地让设计师可以建造一座花园以及另一栋独立楼房。

The aim of the project was to rebuild and expand a residential building on one of the most emblematic streets in Porto, Rua Miguel Bombarda, where several art galleries are located. The existing building, already showing some signs of degradation, was of little relevance. The depth of the lot allowed the design of a garden and also of another autonomous building.

▼建筑沿街外观,street view of the building ©Ivo Tavares Studio


The project made very little use of the existing structure, except for the main facade wall and the respective spans, the metrics of which were preserved. The beautiful granite balcony has also been maintained and, together with the solid brick that was placed on the ground floor, represent the main features of the facade.

▼公寓立面,底层采用砖块包裹,facade of the apartment with ground floor cladded in bricks ©Ivo Tavares Studio

▼立面细部,facade details ©Ivo Tavares Studio


A wide side corridor gives access to the building’s entrance, the stairway and the lift and it still allows foreseeing the passage to the garden inside the block, uneven in relation to the street. The vertical accesses are illuminated through a skylight.

▼入口处的通道,可以看到建筑中的花园,corridor at the entrance with view to the garden of the building ©Ivo Tavares Studio


Inside the lot, overlooking the neighbours’ gardens, the back facade was designed with a solid brick cladding at its base. The other autonomous construction was also designed with solid brick cladding placed horizontally and vertically.

▼花园概览,overall view of the garden ©Ivo Tavares Studio

▼花园尽头设有一栋独立的房屋,autonomous construction at the end of the garden ©Ivo Tavares Studio

▼砖块立面细部,closer view to the brick facade ©Ivo Tavares Studio

▼室外休闲空间,outdoor rest space ©Ivo Tavares Studio


Eight of the ten houses in the building are of one bedroom type. On the first and last floors, duplex houses of two bedroom type were designed to solve the base and the top of the building. Inside each home, concrete is the predominant material as well as in all common areas.

▼走廊,主要采用混凝土材料,corridor mainly in concrete ©Ivo Tavares Studio

▼楼梯和电梯,stairway and lift ©Ivo Tavares Studio

▼楼梯间细部,details of the stairway ©Ivo Tavares Studio

▼采光窗口,openings for natural light ©Ivo Tavares Studio

▼平面图,plans ©Paula Santos Arquitectura

▼立面图,elevations ©Paula Santos Arquitectura

▼剖面图,section ©Paula Santos Arquitectura

Project name: Miguel Bombarda Residential Building
Architecture Office: Paula Santos Arquitectura
Main Architect: Paula Santos
Team: Rúben Domingues, José Bartolo e Carmen Estima
Website: www.paulasantosarq.com
E-mail: mail@paulasantosarq.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/paulasantosarquitectura
Instagram: www.instagram.com/paulasantos_arquitectura

Location: Porto
Year of conclusion : 2019
Total area: 1180
Architectural photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio
Website : www.ivotavares.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ivotavaresstudio
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ivotavaresstudio

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