Micr-O in Hangzhou,China By Superimpose Architecture

A bold and pure gesture in the valley.

Project Specs


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太阳公社位于杭州西边临安县,这是一个本地自发形成的为了促进可持续发展农耕意识,推荐健康生活,增加户外活动的行为以适应中国日益加快的城市化进程。Superimpose Architecture Studio事务所在太阳公社内部设计了MICR-O,使其成为城市居住者的学习平台。太阳镇山谷中,有竹子,有稻田,是当地一百多个农户赖以生存的地方。太阳公社发起一个自下而上的战略来鼓励农民生产有机产品。MICR-O未来还会延伸成为一个城市孩子的教育平台,全年迎接杭州和上海地区的孩子来学习和露营,让他们体验乡村生活。

Inside the rural Tai Yang Valley, West of Hangzhou, the Sun Commune is a local initiative raising awareness of sustainable farming and promoting healthy living and outdoor activities for the increasing urbanization of China. Within the sun commune, Superimpose Architecture Studio designed MICR-O to be a learning platform for city dwellers.The valley, with bamboo and rice fields, is home to one hundred local farming families. Sun Commune initiates a bottom up strategy to sustain farmers while promoting organic food production. It further extends as an education platform for children from the city. Throughout the year, kids from Hangzhou and Shanghai will camp and learn about nature at MICR-O and allow them to be part of a rural micro-community. 


▼融于自然景观的建筑,blended in the nature

001-Micr-O By Superimpose Architecture

▼优渥的自然环境促进人的室外活动,stimulate the outdoor activity

004-Micr-O By Superimpose Architecture

▼外部走廊被竹排围合,the external corridor blends with the surrounding bamboo forest

002-Micr-O By Superimpose Architecture

▼夜色中的建筑在山谷中展现奇特景观,the architecture creates a bold gesture in the valley

003-Micr-O By Superimpose Architecture


The central outdoor patio creates an enclosed platform to host learning activities and events. The white canvas ‘ring’ houses camping accommodation subdivided into segments by the three entrance points. The external corridor blends with the surrounding bamboo forest and offers an alternative circulation route while activities are happening in the central patio. The structure is elevated, keeping the ground nearly untouched.  The structural A frame, a ninety-degree angled triangle, gives the design an externally pure shape, while internally the patio opens towards the sky and surroundings.

▼环装白色帆布包围出露营帐篷般的内部空间,the white canvas ‘ring’ houses camping accommodation subdivided into segments by the three entrance points

005-Micr-O By Superimpose Architecture

▼地板采用当地的再生松木, locally reclaimed pinewood is used as the floor decking

007-Micr-O By Superimpose Architecture

▼蓝天下纯粹的建筑,pure design under the sky

008-Micr-O By Superimpose Architecture


The construction is an example of time-and-cost-effective design. The simplicity of repetitive structural ‘A’ frame creates a bold gesture in the valley. Locally reclaimed pinewood is used as the main structure and floor decking. On site workshops and physical models by the architects were used as communication tools to teach the local villagers how to realize the design. The architects are still involved by organizing architectural workshops for villagers and visiting kids and will keep supporting the Sun Commune.

▼主要结构采用当地的再生松木,locally reclaimed pinewood is used as the main structure

011-Micr-O By Superimpose Architecture

▼儿童可以在其中欢快的享受休闲空间,children enjoy the space

009-Micr-O By Superimpose Architecture

▼中庭内部九十度的直角三角形形状开口,a ninety-degree angled triangle

006-Micr-O By Superimpose Architecture


016-Micr-O By Superimpose Architecture      019-Micr-O By Superimpose Architecture


015-Micr-O By Superimpose Architecture

Project Name:Micr-O
Client:Sun Commune
Design: Superimpose Architecture,Carolyn Leung, Ben de Lange, Ruben Bergambagt, Mika Woll
Site:Tai Yang Valley, Sun Commune, Lin’an, Hangzhou, China
Site Area:2800 sqm
GFA:243 sqm
photographs:Marc Goodwin and Superimpose

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