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In the fall of 2017, the young couple owner and their Beagle named Mi handed us down this villa, which has three stories and a basement. They wanted us to design it, hoping to create a home which fits their lifestyle and aesthetics. Beside basic daily life activities, playing games, watching dramas, reading books and playing with Mi will be the main leisure activities for owners.

▼一层空间概览,overview of the first floor ©Alessandro Wang 



So while designing the plan, we decided to put the public space next to the north side of the courtyard. Meanwhile, the room beside the entrance on the first floor is toilet and closet for storage. There is a bedroom for parents or friends to stay in on the first floor as well, and the relatively private bedroom is on the south side of the second floor. On the third floor is the bedroom and activity space for child in the future. The north side of the basement is the fitness area, and in the south, it is the laundry area and the reserved nanny’s room.

After entering the entrance from first floor, you can see the open kitchen on the west side, the dining room and living room on the north side, the stairs on the south side, and the fireplace become the center of the space.

▼入口玄关,entrance ©Alessandro Wang 

▼西侧的开放厨房,open kitchen on the west side ©Alessandro Wang 

▼通透的起居室,spacious living room ©Alessandro Wang 




The square-shaped three-story staircase leads from the basement to the third floor. The black wood veneer wraps the handrail wall and the stair floor. Overall, the staircase looks like a winding upward corridor.

▼一层楼梯间,staircase on the first floor ©Alessandro Wang 

▼曲尺型的三跑楼梯从地下室通往三楼,square-shaped three-story staircase leads from the basement to the third floor ©Alessandro Wang 

▼黑色木饰面包裹了扶手墙和楼梯底板,black wood veneer wraps the handrail wall and the stair floor ©Alessandro Wang




The living room on the first floor is vacated to the library on the second floor. Meanwhile, the library on the second floor is vacated to the third floor. Therefore, the public spaces of the house are connected to each other, forming a good ventilation and lighting. The house becomes a whole because of the continuous voids.

▼一楼客厅挑空至二楼图书馆,living room on the first floor is vacated to the library on the second floor ©Alessandro Wang

▼二楼图书馆挑空至三楼,the library on the second floor is vacated to the third floor ©Alessandro Wang




The owner have special love knot of libraries. They want to have a library like the Oxford University library at home which have the tall book wall and mezzanine platform, allowing you to lie on the sofa and read books quietly under the soft skylight. There have moveable doors between the book-wall, which can lead people to toilet and main bedroom.

▼图书馆仿照牛津大学,设有挑高的书墙和带夹层平台, tall book wall and mezzanine platform in library is like the Oxford University library ©Alessandro Wang

▼书墙中藏有移动暗门,moveable doors between the book-wall ©Alessandro Wang




▼材质拼贴,material collage ©空间里建筑设计事务所 + 一岸建筑设计

Owners like brief, capable design style, especially black, white and gray tones, which basically sets the direction of design form and material selection.
White: White is the basic color of the interior space, using white latex paint, wall tiles and wallpaper.
Black: wood veneer, marble, artificial stone and metal frame.
Gray: herring bone tiles and square tiles.
Warm colors: herring bone parquet flooring, beige carpets and solid wood table-tops.
Metal: cabinet door handles, railing handrails and embellishing with copper metal components.
Looking from a distance, it is simple black, white and gray material style. But while looking into closely, it has detail texture as well.

▼二层壁柜采用黑色木饰面嵌入白色墙体,cabinet with black wood veneer embedded in white wall on the second floor ©Alessandro Wang

▼二层卧室简洁干练的空间风格,brief, capable design style of the bedroom and bathroom ©Alessandro Wang




The skylight from the north side enters the room through high windows and floor-to-ceiling windows. The translucent curtains soften the direct sunlight. The interior space is filled with natural light. From early morning to evening, the light,shade and colors change subtly in this slightly empty space. Natural light creates a quiet atmosphere.

▼三层平台,天光通过高窗和落地窗进入室内,platform on the third floor, skylight from the north side enters the room through high windows ©Alessandro Wang

▼三层房间,室内空间被自然光填充,room on the third floor,  interior space is filled with natural light ©Alessandro Wang


In the basement, the skylight enters from the patio. The entire mirror on wall of the fitness area allows the only natural light to be reflected to the maximum extent, which also gives more visual space for the basement.

▼地下室天光从天井进入 ,in the basement, the skylight enters from the patio ©Alessandro Wang




我们给业主设计的是一个符合他们生活方式的住宅,而不是设计一个100%的家,相信随着时间的积累,Mi House会变的越来越丰富。住宅是个容器,里面盛放的是生活。

In middle of May in 2020, when we went to take pictures of the house, the owner had already lived in this villa for half a year. The household items were not much. Most of the book walls were still empty, and plants in the courtyard are just starting to plant a little.

We designed for the owners a house that fits their lifestyle, instead of 100% home. I believe that with the accumulation of time, Mi house will become more and more abundant. The house is a container, where life is contained in it.

▼平面图,plan ©空间里建筑设计事务所 + 一岸建筑设计

▼剖面,section ©空间里建筑设计事务所 + 一岸建筑设计

项目名称:Mi House

合作设计:空间里建筑设计事务所 + 一岸建筑设计(松下晃士)

摄影:Alessandro Wang 

Project Name: Mi House
Project location: Qingpu District, Shanghai
Type: Residential: private villa
Designer: Wang Shaorong, Tang Sujing
Cooperative design: Ku Kan Nai Architecture Office & Coastline OfficeAkihito Matsushita

Design cycle: 09/2017-03/2018
Construction cycle: 06/2018-10/2019
Building area: 513

Courtyard area: 134
Photography: Alessandro Wang

More: 空间里建筑设计事务所 + 一岸建筑设计.  更多关于:Studio Ku Kan Nai on gooood  OFFICE COASTLINE on gooood.

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