Merricks Beach House / Kennedy Nolan Architects

an economical build and a robust little creation

Project Specs


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This is a coastal weekender on the Mornington Peninsula. The house had to be an economical build and a robust little creation that could handlethe knocks of the rental market.

A well oriented courtyard plan constructed in double brick on a concrete slab ensures that this little house has a very stable interior environment.





The materials of the build are a big part of what this house is about. It is not a precise build. The feel is quite raw. The materials are tough & straight forward. This little house needs to be able withstand a few knocks. It was very important to find the beauty within this quite primitive requirement.

The white painted brickwork to both interior & exterior walls is never punctured by windows. They are always walls, solid & straight forward.

There are 2 moments, one inside & the other out, where a circle has been left, telling the story of the recycled red bricks that the house has grown from.



The concrete brick-wall that forms the third edge of the courtyard has been laid in a zig-zag plan. This carefully controls the view to the central deck from the entrance & also contributes to the structural independence of this wall.





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