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Medibank的业务目标是促进每个人的健康。这包括了每天在Medibank Place——其位于墨尔本港区新总部办公楼——工作的人们。

Medibank is in the business of promoting better health for everyone. This includes the people who come to work every day at Medibank Place, its new head office in Melbourne’s Docklands.



从以活动为中心的工作方式转变为以健康为中心的工作方式 From activity-based working to health-based working


The new workplace was part of a major cultural change program for Australia’s largest health insurer Medibank to live its purpose to the core and create better health outcomes for its members, employees and the community.



That aspiration drove Medibank to create one of the healthiest workplaces in the world. One that goes beyond conventional Activity Based Working (ABW) to create Health Based Working (HBW) – an approach that places the mental and physical health of people at its heart.



Medibank employees have real freedom to choose how and where they work. With laptops and mobile phones in hand, Medibank’s people can now select from more than 26 types of work settings, ranging from indoor quiet spaces and collaborative hubs to wifi-enabled balconies and places to stand and work. Circadian lighting in certain areas of the workspace mimics natural daylight patterns supporting people’s biorhythms.




Employees who want a more vigorous workout during the day can also make use of a multipurpose sports court at ground level. Adjacent to the sports court, an edible garden sits near a demonstration kitchen that Medibank uses to promote healthy eating to both staff, not-for-profit organisations and the wider community.




The building itself has been described as being ‘hard-wired for health’. A ramp from the main entrance on Bourke Street spirals upwards from street level, allowing Medibank employees easy access to bike storage on their way in to work. This makes both a symbolic and practical commitment to encouraging employee health and wellbeing.




有生命力的、会呼吸的建筑可转变其周边环境 A living, breathing building transforms its surrounds



Medibank Place不仅是一座建筑,更是墨尔本港区的一座新门户。通过在地面层打造吸引人的公共片区以及木制圆形剧场、咖啡厅、商店和公园,该建筑成功地对其周边社区进行了“回馈”。

Both the building and the workplace incorporate an enormous number of plants. There are 2,300 inside the building and 520 in modular planter boxes on the façade, as well as two 25-metre high street-facing green walls.

Within the workplace this helps relieve stress, improve internal air quality and transforms views from grey to green. With around 10 percent of the building’s exterior covered by native Australian plants, it’s a ‘living, breathing building’ that also provides a welcome relief within its heavily concreted urban surrounds.

The effect of the planting combined with the curves of the building itself is to convey a softer, more human character. The facade is tactile and unpredictable – a stark contrast to the solid and impenetrable nature of many city towers.

More than just a building, Medibank Place is a new gateway to Melbourne’s Docklands precinct. It succeeds in ‘giving something back’ to its surrounding community by creating a welcoming public precinct at ground level with a timber amphitheatre, cafes, shops and a public park.




多样设计思维打造个性与内涵 Diverse design thinking creates character and meaning


HASSELL还邀请了三家迥异的设计公司——Chris Connell设计公司,Kerry Phelan设计事务所和Russell and George公司——共同合作参与广场层设计,该广场坐落于塔楼中心。此举成功打造多层次的个性和内涵,激发人们用新方式与其办公场所相联系。

Achieving the kind of innovation Medibank wanted for its new workplace meant driving a highly collaborative design process. Architects and landscape architects contributed to the workplace interiors, interior designers and architects to the park and all three disciplines were involved in the base building design.

HASSELL also invited three very different design firms – Chris Connell Design, Kerry Phelan Design Office and Russell and George – to collaborate on the design for the plaza level which sits in the middle of the tower. This succeeded in creating layers of character and meaning to inspire people to connect in new ways with their workplace.





为Medibank创造价值 Delivering value for Medibank


初步迹象显示,该建筑已经在创造价值。在入驻四个月后,79%的员工表示他们的工作方式更加协作化,70%的员工表示他们在Medibank Place的工作方式更加健康。

此外,66%的人表示,他们在Medibank Place的工作效率更高,呼叫中心则已实现5%的缺勤率缩减。

如Medibank 人员与文化行政总经理Kylie Bishop所说,这座建筑、办公空间和周边公共空间“体现了我们的宗旨和价值,以及我们所代表的一切”。

Medibank is confident its new workplace will deliver cultural and financial value through improved productivity and efficiency and will help inspire customer focused innovation by creating breathing space for ideas to grow.
Early signs show that the building is already delivering. Four months after moving in, 79% of employees reported they were working more collaboratively and 70% said they are healthier working at Medibank Place.

What’s more, 66% of employees said they were more productive at Medibank Place and the call centre saw a 5% reduction in absenteeism.

As Kylie Bishop, Medibank’s Executive General Manager, People and Culture, puts it, the building, workplace and surrounding public space “epitomises our purpose and value and all that we stand for.”










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