Mazha Lighting System v 4.1 by Mario Tsai

High-tech architectural style Lighting System

Project Specs


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With a passion for high tech architecture, Mario Tsai is keen to present the internal structure of the work, which is not only strong but also light and airy. Mazha  4.1, use round glass as the main structural body, transparent but with a sense of volume, the seemingly floating interior of the lighting is presented in a more straightforward and poetic way.

▼马扎灯4.1外观,external view of Mazha 4.1 ©蔡烈超

▼通透漂浮的灯体,transparent and floating lighting ©蔡烈超


Mazha 4.0 has a new structure compared to the previous three collections,  it continues the modular combination, on the other hand, it takes the ingenuity in details as the entry point, adding soft elements, using webbing to hide the original exposed wires, weakening the straightforward industrial expression of the product and neutralizing the emotional feeling it conveys. At the same time, it increases the format of the system, the soft webbing can either assist the hanging wire to hang the lamp, or can be used as a rope to “tie” the lamp, fixed on the wall as a wall lamp.

▼悬挂的灯具,suspended lighting ©蔡烈超

▼可以连接在一起的模块化灯具,modular lighting that could connect together ©蔡烈超

▼细部,电线隐藏在织带中,details, wire hidden in the belt ©蔡烈超


As an extension of the Mazha 4.0, the 4.1 version continues the poetic sense of the floating tube and uses an vacant glass sheet to carry the structure.The inspiration comes from the process of water forming ice.The way ice locks its contents is just like the unit of the Mazha lighting is fixed in the outer glass container.Drawn support from the transparency of the glass material, the 4.0 version not only adds a sense of volume outside the frame, but also makes the internal structure of the lighting seem to float in a more poetic way.The design reflects the inclusiveness and adaptability of the Mazha lighting system, which meets the current personalized customization needs, and makes the presentation more unique and diverse.

▼灯管漂浮在通透的玻璃片中,tube floating in the vacant glass sheet ©蔡烈超

▼灯管固定在玻璃容器中,tube fixed in the glass container ©蔡烈超

▼节点细部,details of the joints ©蔡烈超

项目设计 & 完成年份:蔡烈超工作室 2020
客户:MARIO TSAI(蔡烈超工作室同名自主品牌)

Project name:Mazha Light 4.0
Design:Mario Tsai Studio
Design year & Completion Year:Mario Tsai Studio 2020
Leader designer & Team:Mario Tsai
Client:MARIO TSAI Eponymous independent brand of Mario Tsai Studio

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